10-20 second pause between layers

I’m printing from an SD card. This only seems to be happening for a file I sliced a few months ago. eg: old files that I go back to like my filament sample strip etc.

For no reason, there is a 10-20 second pause between all the layers. This long pause happens after every single layer and even between the flow test line on the front and side of the bed. If the pause was only during the object: the SD card read speed might be the culprit but the problem but the error happens during the boot-up flow parts also.

Has anyone else noticed this quirk?

you my friend, have timelapses enabled. there are two options for timelapse, Traditional & Smooth. smooth will pause you for a couple seconds to take photos. to disable this, go to Others → Special mode → Timelapse → Traditional in Bambu Studio and this will stop it.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will test this. Any reason why this pause would only happen for old files and not new ones?

If it was already set to a smooth Timelapse this would forever be embedded into the gcode. Keep in mind this is if you’re printing directly off the the screen. If you’re starting from the slicer and then sending it, this would stop.