A1 head cleaning missing rubber bumper

Hi since replacing my heat bed I have noticed when the head gives over to run on the rubber buffer it seems to miss it it goes to correct posistion .Just before you could physically hear the two passes over the rubber buffer ,I have replaced it just in case it had worn but still the same .Everything else works perfectly and prints fine ,just wondered if any one else had noticed this !

How are your prints…?? It sounds like the bed might not be level, did you re-level after the replacement…??

Not sure if related, i got my A1 on 5/14 and went through the whole setup/calibration and noticed my prints were off, and when it was doing the head cleaning that it wasnt doing it on the top tab but about half an inch down on the main plate, then it’d go over to the left to wiggle across the brush but was also to far down the plate and was just doing it over nothing.

I turned everything off, flashed a new FW that came out yesterday, and re-calibrated and now its doing what it should where it should.
Slightly annoyed it rubbed the texture off in a spot at the top of my actual build area not in the upper tab like it should when it was not working right, but shouldnt affect anything i hope.

So i’m not sure if this is the same problem you’re having or not.

Hi prints are fine ,I did not re level after new bed it was ok .i did think it might be that so might just do it at weekend anyway ,but because prints are good don’t want to mess LOL :joy:

Hi sounds like the same issue ,have done firmware but not recalibrated so will give that a try tomorow when home from work

It worked , did what you said and all working perfectly now thanks