A1 Mini Ams Lite Noozle clogged

Hello community. I’ve had my A1 Mini for a few days now. Totally delighted with the quality and speed. But the AMS Lite is giving me headaches. First of all. I have the problem as soon as I print something via AMS or as soon as the part is connected and the color selection runs over it. The extruder always goes to the purge and heats up and cleans the filament. And this happens again and again during printing. The second thing is that I wanted to print in color today. Started printing and immediately clogged the noozle. I played around with it for about an hour until I finally switched off the AMS and ran it through the external spool. And it runs without any problems. What I noticed in the process. The extruder extrudes and the AMS stops and doesn’t start immediately. The extruder draws in the filament but it doesn’t get it from the AMS because it is blocked. This happens just before printing starts and the filament is cleaned last. And from this moment on, the nozzle clogs. As I said, Ams turned off and no problems via external spool. I must mention that I do not use Bambulab filament.
Have any of you had the same experience?

Turn off Timelapse recording.

Oops. Oh man, you’re right. Now I’ve understood. Try it out tomorrow and see if the clogging is gone.

If the filament runs from the external spool, then your nozzle is not clogged.
Either there is broken filament in the tube or maybe you have a kink somewhere.

Absolutely, those random purges could be a sign of a kink in the tubes leading to the AMS. You should check if the AMS hub above the printhead is getting pulled down. This could happen if the force required to pull in the filament is too high. If that’s the case, try straightening the tubes or use some spare ones if you have any.

I attempted using longer tubes with the AMS lite, but it struggled with that setup.

The gears were spinning and a clattering noise could be heard. The extruder tried to feed but nothing came out. It is possible that it stopped when changing the filament. It is currently running

If it’s not skipping steps and simply operating without any filament extruding from the nozzle, my guess would be that your extruder gear is clogged with filament debris. To inspect and address this, I recommend unscrewing the filament cutter arm. This should give you a clear view of the extruder gear located behind the arm. Since the A1 has just one driving gear and one assisting wheel, you shouldn’t need to worry about the one that’s not visible from that angle. The driving gear is the main focus here.

OK, I just had this happen…follow the 1st 20 seconds of the video: Filament HUb

I was doing a 4 color print knowing 1 of the colors would run out.
When it did, the filament got stuck & just made the hub go up & down.
Once I took it off, I found a 3" piece of filament inside. Removed it & reloaded filament…good as new.

Today I printed a ring for the tubes that holds the four tubes from the Ams properly. Everything has been running smoothly since then. Thanks for the helpful tips

Could you share a image? Curious what you have there.

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