A1 mini calibration failed, nozzle temp 0 degrees

Hi, need help with my A1 mini. Calibration fails and the nozzle temp reads 0, (I think that is why calibration fails.) Also should mention it will not print because it does not know the nozzle temp.

I have noticed I can heat the nozzle manually but the display still reads 0. If I disconnect the USB cable and re-connect the temp will read correctly and the small fan on the side will turn on to cool the nozzle. The temp will not update unless I disconnect/connect the USB. I have re-seated all the plugs on the TH board.
Any ideas as to why the temp does not update?

I haven’t dealt with this issue on my A1 mini, but it sounds like your thermistor (temperature sensor) could be faulty. The thermistor is located in the hot end and that part can be replaced.

This is a guide that bambulabs has released that lists “The heater or thermistor is not working anymore” as a reason to replace and they sell the part on their site. Hotend Heating Assembly Replacement Guide - A1 mini | Bambu Lab Wiki

Maybe open a ticket with Bambu to see if they can offer some guidance as well since you’ve tried quite a bit already.

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Thanks for the input.

It would be nice to test and verify if it is working correctly or not. Is there a way to test the thermistor? Like a resistance it should show at room temp? or other known temp?

I have opened a ticket btw.

you could also try a freshly formatted sd card , recreate the issue and auto upload a log file via bambu handy

Just an FYI, The TH board was the culprit.

Hopefully this will help someone one day. Thanks for the input

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Hello I have the same issue, please can you tell what exactly you did? because for me doesn’t work anything :frowning: Thank you

I replaced the TH board. The nozzle temperature would read 0C, not much you can do other than open a ticket with Bambu.