Add Image to Printable Enclosure Plates

Hey All!!! I’m wondering of someone can direct me to a good tutorial for adding images to stl files!! I’m wanting to take the printable enclosure plates and add logos to them for either side of my printer!!! Thank you all so much!!


Can you be more explicit?
Do you want to transform a 2D image into a 3D STL file? How complex and which format and quality is the image(logo?)?
Which software do you have experience and access to?

Hey there!! Thanks for the response! It’s a 2D image I want to change into 3D to add. They are jpegs of deicent quality. Amd honestly I have no experience with this stuff

Sorry for the late answer. Somehow miss this topic.
One note, I am not a designer and my knowledge is empirical to fill my needs.

Final questions:

  1. You only want to extrude the image, correct? I.e. give them volume.
  2. And about software experience and availability?

JPEG to 3D is not ideal; in my experience, it will require “hand” modelling.
I convert JPEG to vector images (e.g. svg files), easily handled by 3d modelling software.
I can try to do it for you if it is one image and is a straightforward design.

If you need many images or you want to learn the process, I would advise a quick reading:

It misses many details but provides a big picture of the process and the path you must take for your purpose.
Afterwards, you can start trying the different options and software. I would avoid online converters, yet they work for simple images.
Any doubt, ask.

Hey there! Yes I want it to be a part of the plate so I can see the designs on the sides of my printer. As for experience and software access that would be none at all lol

Since “plate” is already a specific thing on your printer, can I suggest using the term “panel” for the sides of your enclosure?

How complex are these images? are we talking like a monochrome logo?… maybe 2 or 3 colours, or like full colour photo?

A photo isn’t going going to be possible unless you look into making your side panels a lithophane, at which point you’re going to need a bright light behind it.

Something simpler, like a logo, you really will need to re-create that logo in your modelling software of choice. Given that you’ve just said you have no experience or access to such software, that might be something you consider outsourcing on a site like Fiverr, maybe?

But if you want to get into modelling, try OnShape for starters, and see how you go. There’s a web version you can use for free.

Just be advised, you’ve chosen a very complex place to start… you really need to walk before you can run, or … pay someone to run for you :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to scare you away from modelling. Everyone with a 3D printer should learn to model to get the most out of it — but this project shouldn’t be your first one :slight_smile:

All I’m looking to do is have a band logo on one side of my enclosure and some album artwork on the other side, main enclosure pieces being black and images in copper.

I’ve done this with a couple of light switch cover plates. Use Inkscape to create svg. Import part into Tinkercad. Import svg. Adjust and tweak. Export. Tinkercad is great for 3d modeling beginners, free and simple to use.

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Thanks for the advice! Now another issue i thought of is that the enclosure pieces mesh together and arent all one part… if have to fuse them, add the image and then break them apart again with the image added

Maybe make the image on another part to glue or screw to the side panels after assembly, or have it attached to one part and just overlapping the other. I’ve seen a couple with logos, Tom’s Hardware comes to mind, maybe you can ask them how they did it.

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Hi there!
I do multiple 2D to 3D prints and can say that I miss an option to “Print/Stamp” with JPG in Bambu Studio. By selecting this option, you will be asked to load a JPG/GIF/PNG (limited to 32 colours) and then be allowed to provide scale and depth (layers) and stamp that image in multiple locations. This will enable us to print something like flower patterns or a single logo/signature anywhere in the model.

Awesome!! And this is an option in bambu studio???

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I’m with you on this one. I wish there were a way to lay a logo onto an existing file for coloring. Right now I have to take the file emboss it using windows 3D builder (about .05mm does it) then port it over to Bambu studio and paint the colors in. Sometimes the embossed part makes it on first layer sometimes no.