AMS and refill spool

Hi there, someone used a refill of other brands like sunlu inside the AMS ? One question that I have in mind is since the AMS turn back the whole filament roll to retrieve the filament, when the refill is near the end and there is less weight and the filament is not physically attached to the spool how AMS can manage it ? I mean there is problem of slipping between the filament and the spool or not ?

It seems to depend on the 3rd party spool. You can add a weight to the center of the spool to help when retracting.


Yes, I have read about the weight, I would use the original Bambu spool, the one that comes with the AMS. But my question is another, I try to explain better. The end of the refill spool how is hooked to the empty reusable spool ?

Apologies as I misunderstood your first question. You’re right that a spool right near the end will probably have issues retracting depending on how the filament is wound on the spool.


The Bambu material is loosely held in the spool and always came out smoothly in my case.

Other spools fit in quite nicely as well. Only 250g and Fiberlogy BVOH spools needed respooling.

When respooling other brands, I just used a strip of blue painters tape to fix the filament to the spool. That always held sufficiently towards the end of spool while still allowing the very last bit of filament to slip away at the end.

I only really had the weight problem with the printed Bambu spool. Easy fix though.

But you are talking about respooling , I am talking about the refill spool that is a single roll together where you put the empty spool inside.

Like this

The blue tape is a good idea but how use on a close roll ?

Apologies. I was not aware of the Sunlu master spool and refill.

From your original post I assume you want to use it with the Bambu spool? I could not find the inner diameter of the Sunlu refill which could cause problems with the Bambu spool (too large or too small could both cause problems). Also, it does not look like there’s grip to the inside of the spool, fully justifying your concerns.

Maybe prior buyers of the refill or the seller can shed light on this on Amazon?

If the Sunlu refill is gripped by the Sunlu master spool you may just want to get that master spool and use it in the AMS. Check the width though. Outer spool diameter can vary somewhat in my experience without causing problems in the AMS.

Hope this helps at least a little and apologies for not being able to confirm inner refill grip to the spools.

A little off the direct topic, but my Elegoo PLA and PLA+ spools fit the Bambu master spools even have a keyed notch for the lock in so it can’t move, however I don’t know if its something they are doing everywhere they warehouse or if it’s market specific though.