Auto-bed mesh failure

I have been using my X1C for about a year and have had zero issues until 4 days ago. I began experiencing the auto-bed mesh failure error but attempting to print a few times would still allow a successful print. 3 days ago repeated attempts wouldn’t work, so I reviewed manually tramming the print bed and did so. This worked for the entire day with no issues. 2 days ago the bed required to be re-trammed every print or else it would fail. Yesterday, even verifying the tram did no good so I’ve resorted to printing without bed leveling. Yes, the parts come out fine.

I don’t believe tramming has had an actual effect, the nozzle has been a uniform distance from the print bed each time so the bed isn’t physically becoming unlevel. What I notice most is running the tramming code brings the nozzle a set distance, about 3/16" from the plate. I would have assumed the code should bring the nozzle to the plate since that’s where the instructions state to adjust it to.

Is there a hardware component I should be looking at? Is there a wear part I’ve failed to stay on top of replacing? I’ve been printing mainly Pa6-CF and TPU these past couple weeks with some PLA thrown in for part prototypes here and there.


Risking mention the obvious, if you didn’t, open a trouble ticket.
Just in case you fail to solve it.

I assume you know your way into the printer, but if something is unclear, let me know.
Also, you are using the latest firmware and have done the required maintenance over time.

  1. What error (code) does the printer show?

  2. you can do some simple checkups:
    a) During the bed levelling procedure, check where the failure occurs (i.e., if a nozzle hits the bed many times). I would advise filming it and putting a paper with the trouble ticket number in the back, avoiding the need to repeat it if BL requests. Do the same for any procedure you take.
    b) bed plate - try another to see if the behaviour is the same;
    c) nozzle- try another to see if the behaviour is the same;
    d) cabling - plug/unplug to ensure they “are” ok. Also, please let us know if the crimping (when applicable) is still in good condition.

  3. Regarding hardware, the piezoresistive sensors are known to be prone to be affected by high temperatures. As you are printing PA, it may be the cause. But before going on that, it would be interesting to know the results from the above checkup/behaviour.

Some similar issues threads that may be interesting to read:

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The tramming G-code sets it to 0.4 mm (it’s human readable so easy to check). I always thought their instructions are weird.

I checked the nozzle wiring and unplugged and reconnected each connector. I’ve had 3 successful print levels since then so one of the connections must have become loose over time. I’ve swapped between .4 and .8 nozzles over time, but haven’t made a swap in several months. I’m guessing the last time I changed I didn’t do a good enough job ensuring the connector was fully seated.

I appreciate the help from the community, it’s good knowing there’s people here willing to help.

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