Bad finish since day 1

I have exactly the same problems with a very bad finishing since the update to the new firmware.

@BambuLab : Hope there will be a rollback to the old firmware !!!

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In my case, I am quite sure that Firmware is not the main problem since I had that issue also with the previous Firmware. Hoping to get an answer from support, soon.

Hey everyone, im having the same problem as the OP. Im in contact with Bambu Lab and looking forward for the solution.

When i print PETG im getting Ghosting on X and Y-Axis.

How can i check the noozle fits in the toolhead? Maybe the Noozle or Hotend is a bit loose.

did you check you belts?

Hey, yes i checked the belttension like Bambu Lab in the Wiki/Youtube video.

@ Flashy_DE: Kommst du aus Deutschland? Ich zweifle an meinem P1P, weil alles irgendwie nicht passt. Vielleicht habe ich ein Montagsmodell bekommen. Ich hab ihn Ende Februar erhalten.

reset the printer to factory settings.

Already done. Also reset bambu studio


Ich komme aus Deutschland.

Sounds like a defect in your extruder gear ovality and concentricity.

Of course the P1P extruder is currently out of stock :smiley:
Well, I’ll wait on supports reply, I sent them the Logfile today, the upload only took me almost 4 hours…

You are not alone. It is a horrible machine. Just fast and useless. It made me love my ender even more :slight_smile:

General troubleshooting tips:

With the specific filament that you’re looking to use, start with the default/built-in print configuration in Bambu Studio. Print a standard test (benchy, etc.) – something that is known and used by everyone else.

If the test print does not show the issues, then you’re looking at a problem with settings in the slicer and/or issues with the model.

If the test print shows the same issues, then you’re looking at either an issue with the filament or hardware (the two variables left) – changing the hardware is going to be more involved, so start with the filament…ideally going to Bambulabs standard. If one of the filaments does not show the issues, then you’re down to settings for the specific filament(s) that are causing problems. If all filaments you try under the defaults show the same issue, then it’s time to focus on the hardware.

Providing results of above tests can help to guide further tips…

I have to disagree with this statement.
My boy friend bought an Ender 5/S1 (he’s the one who got me into 3DP) and he’s had a hell of a time getting it dialed in.
Everyone of my prints look better than his and print faster.
He actually wishes he could return his Ender and buy the P1P instead, as they are almost the same exact price.
The first benchy I printed, after unpacking the P1P and initial self calibration, looks better than anything I’ve seen come off of his Ender.
I have never had to make a single equipment adjustment to it.

I’d have to say there is definitely something physically wrong with the OP’s P1P as I have never had a print that looks like that.

The only issue I have with my P1P is figuring out how to get rid of the slight elephant’s foot I get on the HT plate, but other than that, 99% of prints look amazing.

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Well, how does this help me with my problem?

I’m sorry, it wasn’t meant to help other than suggesting I don’t think it’s a software issue.
It seems like something physical.

I have noticed most of my PLAs print better at slightly hotter temperatures. 225-230

Have you tried printing any PLA temp towers?

Please print a PLA temp tower (with standard settgings) and post the picture.

I’d have to agree with @Lexi here, it totally looks like something physically wrong with the printer. It’s as if something is loose in the Y axis (assuming the picture is taken from the front). The most likely cause would be a incorrectly tensioned or fastened belt, but there are other causes I can think of too.

I have to disagree, because all of these had been checked multiple times, even replaced some parts. Bambu Support offered me a refund and this is what I agreed to.

It’d be really nice if Bambu would tell you what ended up being the problem. Ah… pipe-dreams :slight_smile:

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The prints got worse from print to print, so there was definately something wrong with the printer in general. At the end, a bearing started squeeking which “could” have been a reason for the faulty prints. I also tried to lubricate it, but the squeeking did not stop.
Support and I basically reset the whole printer and slicer to factory settings and re-did every possible calibration and setting from start to finish, you name it.
Prints did not get better at all, instead they got worse.
So yeah, at this point I am not sure if I will get another P1P again.

I’m sorry to hear you got a faulty unit. I’m glad they are refunding you though.
It sounds like a bad bearing would be what was causing your quality issues.
Just out of curiosity, when did you order/receive your printer? I wonder if the high demand caused some quality control issues.
I ordered mine on January 25th, shipped the 28th and received it February 6th.

With the experience I have had with mine, I would not hesitate to purchase another one and chalk your experience up to a manufacturing issue.

But I would understand if you didn’t want to mess with it again.
I will say though, at that price point you will not find another printer that won’t require a lot of tweaking to get quality prints as I understand it.

All of the things I’ve read and videos I’ve watched, you’ll need to be prepared to pay twice as much for the quality of output.

Please let us know what you eventually decide.