Bad print quality on corners at a certain height

This keeps happening on only one of my p1s machines. It always starts at a certain layer height. I’ve used many filaments and fresh slices. It must be a problem with the machine itself. I print at normal speed. I orient it long ways front to back when printing.

I’ve done regular maintenance but never the belt tension procedure. Machine has 1300 hours. I’m not sure if this was an issue all along because this is a new project I’m making for somebody. Any ideas? I included a couple of pictures. Sorry for the quality but hopefully it gets the point across

I would start with the belt tensioning procedure and cleaning. This should be regular maintenance especially for a machine with that many hours. Can I ask where the seams are shown in Bambu studio for that model?


Thanks. I’ll try the belt tensioning. I do the regular maintenance recommended by bambu outside of that. The seams at that height are on the inside edges on the front portion of the print. I don’t think you can see them from the pictures I posted

The reason I ask about the seams is because if the artifacts and the seams line up it can often mean that your pressure advance settings might need tuning. Fingers crossed it’s just the belt tension that needs adjustment.

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Well I did the belt adjustment and recalibrated to no avail. Still having the same issue. I printed one long ways side to side and only got the issue on the right side if youre facing the machine. It also has a slight point on that end. Im going to try and print one diagonally and see if the issue goes away. I know it has 12-1300 hours on the machine but Ive seen reports of them going 10 or 20k hours. What could be causing the issue?

Here it is cropped and adjusted for best clarity. You can also see how it left a point or swooped up at the end of all those layers.

Do you think Im having some sort of cooling issue possibly?

It’s a design “flaw” in the thing you’re printing. It’s too tall and thin, thus causing the nozzle drag to move it the higher up you go. Thus the issue gradually worsens.

You can alleviate the issue by switching to silent mode (50% speed) at a certain layer height. Or if you can redesign the thing, make that front plate thicker.

The OP mentioned it was only a problem on one of their P1S machine which might indicate that it prints fine on the other?

I’m with @chefk85 on this one. Check to see if the part cooling fan is working. You can test it via the display.

That corner is really bad on many levels…
For starters it is too sharp, resulting in the filament curling up when cooling.
And it seems, that at least at times you also have a seem there, unless this excess material is from the accumulated pushing down of this peeled corner.

Does the layer time or print speed change when getting to this problem area?
If the layer time goes down it IS a cooling issue.
And if the print speed goes up for those layers reducing the acceleration setting should give a good improvement.
Last but not least: Check if you print at a slightly cooler temp or if you can increase the fan speeds a bit.

Firstly, thanks for all of the replies. I will try your suggestions but for now at least when I print the model diagonally it prints fine. So that means not a model issue…probably. I also think it means not a cooling issue…possibly. I’ll check into it when I have a bit of time. It’s just strange is all. Ive also noticed that my articulated prints have started having really tight joints so a volumetric issue or possibly a worn out nozzle? I can’t remember if I just replaced this one or the other machine and will have to try and figure that out too. If not then this nozzle has 1300 hours on it and could cause issues I suppose.

Layer speed is the same at least to the naked eye as well. Also let’s refresh here. If oriented long ways front to back it happens on both right side corners but only at a certain layer height. If oriented side to side it’s only the right side and diagonally it prints fine. So it’s a traveling from left to right stop issue. I don’t know what this means but time to keep digging when I get a second to stop

I will post and update this evening but I found the housing fan was not running. I tried to turn it on manually and it wouldn’t. I’ve had it crash and fall off a few times and it appears it became unseated. I reseated it and it turns on and off now so fingers crossed this was the issue. It would make sense. The corner that was failing when printing side to side was furthest from the part cooling fan.

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Of course diagonally prints better than a sharp corner going from x to y :wink:
As both axis are moving the acceleration is shared as well, reducing the impact on the model.
It is a workaround but not a fix :wink:

Well, a fan not working might explain the lot :wink:
Either way I wish you good luck and that the next print comes out as expected!

Yeah so IT did fix it for one print and then it happened again. Im not always there to monitor the printing so maybe the fan stopped working momentarily or maybe it needs to be kicked up a notch or possible i have other issues. Printing it diagonally solves the issue for this particular print so thats the way ill do it for now. I just dont have much direction. Ive done all of the self tests, maintenance and calibrations that bambu recommends. Im not sure how to go about flow calibrations and such but may look into it at some point. Now go back to the troubleshooting section and see my new problem I posted with another p1s!