Bambu Lab please document custom gcode

To: Bambu Lab

Please document the custom gcodes that your printers are using. Also document any of the standard and often used Marlin and Prusa gcode commands that are not supported.

Bambu Lab has claimed that other slicers can be used with their printers. However, without underestanding the custom gcode commands that have been added using a different slicer is restricted.

In addition, for the enthusiast trying to produce perfect prints knowing all the gcode commands and what they do is very important.


u looking for this?

This would be very useful as I’m seeing an odd movement on my A1 at the start of layer 3 or end of Layer 2. The head goes to the back right, touches the bed and then returns to the start of layer 3 to print.

It’s almost as though it is going to start a Prime Tower, though this is disabled and I don’t have an AMS that might trigger it.

Things look fairly normal, except I have an Mcode of:M624 AQAAAAAAAAA=

Followed by a G17.

Why it would reset the workplanes after it has printed 2 layers already I don’t know, so my guess is that M624 is doing ‘something’ but I have no idea what…