Bambu Lab Specific G-Codes

Will the Bambu Lab officials please document the Bambu Lab specific G-Codes are? I’m interested mainly in the X1C related codes, but suspect they are the same for all Bambu Lab printers.

So, what is the official company word on this?

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Search is your friend.

Also helpful is the “Placeholder List” from the wiki.


Right, I know that. I searched the forum. There is no “Official” documentation available. I am asking for the official word, not user guesses. Bambu Lab is producing the machine firmware and Bambu Studio. Therefore, they know the codes and have it documented internally. It’s time to put out a public document for the users to be able to make full use of the machines.

So, what about it Bambu Lab? Are you going to support the users or not?

While agree and have been the first one on the block to bitch about Bambu’s closed network library and closed firmware while speaking out of the other side of their mouth and benefiting open source from The RepRap and Prusa community et. el… Bambu want’s their cake and eat it too. We should be grateful that the thread in the link above hasn’t been taken down by the mods. I for one save that link from time to time on my cloud account just in case it one day disappears. But I doubt Bambu has an incentive to allow us too much insight to the systems innards. Besides, if they revealed too much, someone might be able to reverse-engineer their firmware which for them has been shown to be a no-go.

But hey, if more people had voted with their feet and purchased open source printers instead of Bambu printers, then competition would force them to adapt. We see this happening between Bambu Studio and Orcas Slicer to a much smaller degree when Bambu copies features from Orca which is just a forked version of Bambu, although in that case, it’s the war over who captures the users eyeballs, not so much direct revenue.