BambuLab eMail Contacts

Here, I share the company Mail - Addresses, which were communicated in discord as well.


Preorder Fulfilment:
Marketing & Event:
Customer Support:
Talent Recruitment:
Media Inquiries:
Supplier Partnership:
General Contact:

North America

Customer Support:
Business Contact:
Talent Recruitment:


Customer Support:


Do they reply to the emails? as I have now sent two emails with no reply.

When did you send them ? Remember the time difference and “problems” in China here and there. I guess it is advisable to open ticket instead.

Plenty of time has been left to allow for a time difference etc.
It does look like I will have to open a ticket.

Unfortunately as I do not have a serial number yet I cannot use the support ticket system.

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I´ve sent two emails to customer support EU since yesterday regarding my invoice. No reply…

I’ve sent multiple messages via ticket, messenger and email over the last few days regarding an order for an X1C placed when they showed stock yet zero updates. Absolutely no replies via any means. Very dissatisfied with the total lack of response from this company despite the fact they have £2k of my money and now showing no stock :frowning:


We apologize for any delays, but we are currently experiencing some delays. We shared a bit more information here:

The best way to get in touch is by opening a ticket from the Techical Support section or from Bambu Handy.

Please allow us a bit of time and we will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you for your understanding.