Bed Leveling

Hey guys, so i was wandering, the “Auto Bed Leveling” is not an auto Bed leveling since there has to be a manual leveling of the bed at least 1 time, (Normally Bambu Lab does this before shipping the printer to you).

I noticed that my P1S has a type of lock system to prevent the screw beneath the bed to move.
And i was wondering what is the big difference between the manual bed leveling from the Bambu lab to the normal printers which have does huge Bolts to manually level the bed?
Cause both have the springs and the screws, both need at least 1 manual bed leveling and both use a mesh, so is the bolt lock system of the bambu the main difference that prevents us from having to manual bed leveling almost never?

Although they are obviously related, they are two very different beasts: The mechanical levelling (or tramming, for telling them apart) is more like “tilt”. The ABL can correct for tilt but it’s much better if it doesn’t have to.

The primary goal of ABL is not to correct for tilt, but for bed not being perfectly flat. The mesh from ABL is used to distort your print in order to get a perfect first layer. The first layer part of that is obviously a good thing, but the distortion is a bad thing!

For illustration, imagine a perfectly flat bed, but that is tilted by a full degree over the X axis. You print a cuboid and ABL corrects for this by moving the bed up/down as the extruder moves over the X axis. The problem is the Z axis is straight up/down so your cuboid won’t end up with 90° angles but perhaps 89° on one side and 91* on the other. After a good manual bed tramming, the result can be straight angled.

In reality all beds have both (some) tilt and (some) unevenness (concavity, convexity, skew). And at least the latter can and will change with temperature, to some extent. Hopefully a small extent.

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This YouTube video will explain the difference between manual- and auto bed leveling.

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And really no printer has auto bed leveling. This is just what it has been called.

As for manual leveling there is a section in the wiki that shows how this is done and when to do it.

In wiki there is manual bed leveling for x1 printer. There is nothing mentioned about P1 series.

It is the same procedure for the p series. They have exactually the same bed etc.

Then I would strongly recommend doing a non destructive levelling for the P1 series as well.