Beta testers for P1 series firmware!

Hey P1 Printer people, did you think we forgot you? Nope, new firmware is getting close to being ready and we need more ‘private’ beta testers. This is the group that tests the firmware and communicates it via a private area on our Bambu lab forum. If you are interested fill out this form and submit it, you may be selected to participate in this private beta. After this private beta tests it and it’s feeling stable, we will then push it to those who signed up for our public beta via Bambu Handy. After they have time with it, it will go to the public as a normal release.
Signups are closed


Where can i update? Bambu lab p1p


If you were selected for the “private beta” you get a DM from the system letting you know you were added.


where can i find the dm. if i even got added

They email you, I believe.

so where or how do we get the beta firmware?

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If you are in the beta program you will receive an email with a link and then you first read through the mandatory and give a thumbs up. The firmware update request will automatically come to your device within 24-48 hours, which you then carry out. After the update, carry out the calibration briation and try it out diligently.

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i got the email that said i was added but nothing else

I’ve applied but not heard back.

applied for what? for the private beta thing?

if you did then they will send an email if you are added

Too bad signups are closed. Such a cool oppurtunity!