Chrome browser plugin for makers

Over 100F here, so while I cooked in my house I decided to write a Chrome plugin for makers. When you visit the profile page it automatically computes and shows a total of downloads + (prints*2) right next to the prints and download counts. I really wanted this info and was tired of doing math in my head. Ultimately I’d like to color it or otherwise flag it when it’s close to a points-rewards boundary in its current range.

I only spent a couple hours on this, and it seems functional, but going from dev to a distributable plugin takes more work (and updating it, fixing it when MW changes their page, etc…), but if there’s interest, I’ll put in the time.

Please let me know, otherwise the plugin lives with me and only with me forever lol


Good work.

There is another extension like yours on the chrome store though it seems to focus on the rewards.

Not sure if it’s still maintained, haven’t looked

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Ah thank you!! That’s much fancier. Maybe even too fancy with all the extra info, but I installed it and I’m trying it out for a while. FWIW it is still supported and being updated.

Meanwhile, I posted mine here if anyone wants to try it/test it:

(Edit: updated it to work on cn site as well and confirmed it works correctly with models that have more than 1k downloads)

I goto load unpacked & files aren’t showing in the file explorer, they show in folder though. Any clue as to why?

When you browse to install the plugin it expects you to select a directory. That’s why it’s not showing the files. You can select the directory the plugin’s manifest.json file ended up in when you extracted the zip file.

You made a cool Chrome extension for makers that automatically calculates download+print totals! It sounds super handy and avoids all that mental math.

People would defo be interested in this. Here’s the quick take:

Solves a problem for makers: No more calculating totals in their head!

Easy to use: Shows the info right next to the existing counts.

Bonus feature (optional): Color code for points rewards!

If you wanna share it, you could:

Post about it online in maker communities.

Make it open-source on GitHub so others can help develop it.

Totally up to you! Even if you keep it private, it’s a great tool for you.

Uh, is this ChatGPT?
(25 char)

That’s what I was thinking as well. Just too weird, especially since I already posted it on GitHub and mentioned as much above (with big link banner too! lol)

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It would be cool to include how many points/gift cards, and also the print profile points (for the profiles by the designer) as well. Points calculation should (in theory) work like this:

downloads = downloadCount

for i in downloads {
  if i < 50 {
    tick += 1
    if tick > 10 {
      points += 15
      tick = 0
//then etc...
//-500 / 12
//-1000 / 20
//1000+ / 30

Or does it already show the points?
Then just (points/490)*40 :slight_smile:

Oh also, you may want to add “million” abbreviations as well for when I release my next model :rofl:

Ooh and display how many boosts as well, if that’s possible. That ought to be built in imo…


Oh really, we all know it will be for a coaster I upload.

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Screenshot 2024-07-15 at 3.41.54 PM
Just noticed on some models it’s too big of text and it does some weird wrapping :confused:

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In case you were not aware your plug-in doesn’t work on the Chinese website.

I am not sure you even support it.

That is to be expected though as the markup on that is different, which means your target nodes will be different.

Looks great on the international site.

Feature request.

Toggle the hiding of models which are close to the next point issue.

It would require a new checkbox added to the page, probably above the list at the top.

Toggling it would loop the currently listed items and add or remove the value of the property display to none.

“Works for me ™” for both model number above 1k and the Chinese site. If you downloaded it a long time ago, please grab the updated version.
Otherwise if you want to track actual reward points or boosts, it’s better if you use the ‘An unofficial Makerworld assistant’ extension as it focused especially on that.

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Yeah, it works.

I’m the idiot.

I stupidly used the general model page rather than MY model page.

I only downloaded it today, shortly after I was born it seems.

Glad it works. No worries. We are all good at doing silly things. I was looking for my glasses yesterday and they were sitting on top of my head. Sometimes I can be smart, but other times… :man_facepalming:

Coincidentally, we are not alone. I’m sitting in a meeting room waiting for the other person to show up and they are 20 minutes late. We discussed this 1 on 1 meeting an hour ago and they seem to have completely forgotten about it.

Works perfect for me! Maybe you can try to allow global users to reply to Chinese site later

That’s on @Tanklet/@MakerWorld to add :slight_smile: I 100% agree tho!

Thank you for testing, everyone. I’ll go through the process of publishing it to the official store this weekend. I’m not sure how long approval will take, but I’ll post an update here once it’s gone through (or exploded in the process).

I don’t suppose you have an Apple Developer Account?

If so, you can quickly turn this into an iOS Safari plugin.