Customer Support Update

No option for tickets in UK unless for technical, to cancel or amend an order we can only fill out the older request, very very poor customer service, great printers, even Creality replied in less than 24hrs, come on Bambu Labs sort this major problem before you lose customers


It took me 7 days from submitting before I got a response via Support > General Enquiries and it went to spam. So maybe worth taking a look there if you haven’t already.

I ordered my P1P in the UK on July 6th and it was stated on the invoice ETA 15th July, thats 2 days away and I’ve heard nothing since I ordered! :cry:

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I’m checking spam folder frequently. Nothing. Apparently nobody is answering to general inquiries, I’m gonna try to open technical support ticket and I will hope that finally somebody will notice that :melting_face:


same here no answer, already reaching Pay Pal… let’s see who answer first-
Thinking if it will be better to go with the K1 max certainly costumer support can’t be worse


How does a guy get some help @Ciprian?

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Hi everyone,

We are sorry for the delays in our replies, but we have received a very high number of tickets in a very short period of time.

We are doing our best to get in touch with everyone. We appreciate your patience in this regard.
Please also avoid opening duplicate tickets as it only adds more delays.

We will reply to all customers that have opened a ticket through the Customer Portal as soon as possible.

Thanks for understanding

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Thanks for the update… Can you post a link to the UK customer portal?

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Like I have said above, it’s a good job you make great 3D Printers, you would struggle to get off the ground otherwise with such pathetically poor customer service!
And fancy bringing out a new upgraded P1S, you really have annoyed a lot of recent purchasers like myself


@Yorkie9668 especially since they sold the p1p “upgrade kit” for $100. Pretty sure they knew a p1s with even more upgrades was coming for the same added $100.

I can understand delay, but not delays of 7 days without any reply.
And if you get a very high number of tickets, this means something is basically very wrong!

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The only answer that i got from BL team, just trying sell me another printer, still waiting for any answer regarding my 1500 eur purchase from 15 days ago.
amazing! really poor costumer service in EU .
Starting to believe that the only people that get answer are influencers


Ohhh Creality is worse, they straight out lied to me 2 times about my Ender 5 s1…and honestly the K1 is not in the leauge of Bambu…their poor customer support made me take a chance on a bbl printers. I honestly was thinking all the videos of bbl printers was over exaggerated, then the p1p came out so I took a chance since I spend the same amount of money getting the Sonic pad and a Ender 5 S1 just to not be able to use it since the extruder gears stripped 3 weeks after I got it. I also had issues with a Ender 3 s1 pro that I just sent back since after 15 Emails nothing was settled, my amazon return window was closing so I just retured it then spent more money on Ender 5 s1…there are just countless wasted weeks with their support. I’m on the East coast so they only return emails between 8pm and 5am (something like that) also The crappy english they have doesnt help anything trying to get problems solved. My buddy that just got into 3d printing got the K1 (after I told him not to). He had few issues so I had it in my possession for a few days, Its better then my Ender 5 s1 but it is no bbl printer. They shot their self in the foot with the web interface, Creality’s slicer is trash if you want to use any other slicer your back to moving sd cards around…no camera and if were to have one you cant check in on your phone or computer off your LAN without paying for it…Have some faith in bbl. They are aware of their support issues, they are a very open and foward company, also they just passed their 1 year anniversary and they have done so much for the 3d printing community pushing the bar. We are geting faster and higher quality out of a $599 printer vs $6500 ones. I may be a bbl fanboy but they earned it, I will never buy another brand…I may build a printer but never buy outside bbl.

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@maruccimike60 So how was your experience with bambu support?

Thanks for the info. It looks like with 3d printers at the end is choosing the poison. Still no answers from bbl.

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Answered your own question there, make a video and share it on YT, they don’t like bad press, none of them do, or tweet on their Twitter page, that’s my next port of call

I have talked to them 2 times about 3 months ago and they got back to me same day. But they openly say their customer support needs to be fixed. But who knows next time might be a poop show trying to get a reply.

I have opened 3 tickets so far about my order, NO REPLY at all. Two days ago my extras arrived, but NO printer. I have asked for a tracking number or at least a reply to say “yes it’s on the way” but NOTHING. Guy’s I know you are busy, but it takes seconds to reply to a request. Please PM me to show someone cares about new customers.
Your customer support needs to be fixed


@NicePrintTiger I ordered filament 12 days ago. Still hasnt shipped.

Current support is terrible. I have been trying to return a P1P camera I ordered by mistake and I am told this is a consumable item and I should keep it. This is absurd and frankly dishonest - No trading standards authority would class a camera, on a piece of equipment like this, as a consumable item. This is especially frustrating as I have paid BambuLab over £700 recently.

Trying to resolve this with support before I escallate it, but it take days to get any sort of response.

Sent a request for a full refund on my P1P today. Just had enough of waiting around in the hope that one day it might ship!

I must say I have had responses from Customer service, but was just given vague short replies and told basically to “be patient”

If you had provided me with at least some dates or even given me an estimate on how much longer it might be I probably would have waited.
But after spending £590 including the cost of the Aux. part cooling fan with no further updates on delivery it has gone on long enough.

I may leave it a few months after the madness of the sale and buy the P1S instead.

You really need to sort your customer service out rapidly @Ciprian @BambuLab it just isnt good enough and to be frank appalling! :rage: