Do I need to set the speed manually for TPU in Bambu Studio?

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I am running my first TPU test using some PRILINE TPU98A that I had bought a few years ago. I just set the filament type to Bambu TPU 95A and then manually changed the speed settings to 30mm/s for the layer speed and 400mm/s for the travel speed, and 5000mm/s for acceleration and it is printing very good.

But do I even have to do this or does the extrusion calibration phase of printing automatically deal with this as well as selecting the filament type to TPU?

I have only had the printer for a day so I am learning as I go. I didn’t see the settings for speed change so to be safe I set them manually.

Hi feedback,

I like to set my speeds manually for fine tuning. I also use the max volumetric speed and set it as needed to cap speeds.

Sample: Inner wall line width is 0.45 with 0.2 layer the max speeds will be 44.2 mm/s



If you have any problems with TPU, We will be more than happy to help you out

Many great people in the Bambu Lab community :grinning:


I am talking about the print speeds though. I made a custom profile and altered the speed settings. Do I not need to do this? See snapshot:

Ya that fine what you are doing I do it also it’s how I fine tune my settings for the filaments.


first layer @ 20 mm/s
first layer infill @ 20 mm/s
outer walls @ 30 mm/s
and so on with other speeds

Lets just say you set your sparse infill to 270 mm/s but we know with the volumetric speed setting of 3.6 mm/s it will not let it go over 44.2 mm/s

The other option is you set your volumetric to 2.44 so with a .2 layer height the max speed is 30 mm/s same as your manual settings.

The volumetric speed is like the simple easy way so a person doesn’t need so many custom processes.

If you don’t want to fine tune your settings then ya just use the volumetric speed setting unless you are having problems then you will have to do custom speeds for that filament or lower the volumetric number.

I’m pretty sure flow calibration won’t work for TPU. It only prints several lines (something like 0.02, 0.04…). TPU values would be completely out of that range (I tried googling it and it might be 0.5 or something silly like that), and I doubt it will work properly anyway - our extruder->nozzle path is not that short for TPU to be consistent.

Ahh ok I’ll try my next run without my profile and just selecting generic TPU or Bambu TPU and see how it goes with the defaults.

Hey There, Just posted this in another Topic also but the more the merrier i guess so people can find it easier.

I just wanted to share some feedback of the issues i have had with the Bambu TPU 95A filament, I used the stock profile .20mm Layer Height & Unmodified TPU Profile, on my X1C. with the standard volumetric speed of 3.6 i beleive it is, prints are pretty mediocre with Zits, Blobs and underextruded areas, i searched and searched and changed settings with no improvements.

In the end i changed max volumetric speed inside the TPU Filament Settings to 1.00 from 3.6

This entirely solved the issue that the print looks very poor quality, the part now looks amazing. I would ideally in one way or another get the print time back to an acceptable time but for now if your looking for a quick resoltion then drop that max volumetric speed! Hopefully the new High Speed TPU that they have listed on the website fixes that issue and allows a print speed of atleast 3.6 MVS again. will be a test for another day.

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