Extrem offtopic / far from 3D printing - but if nothing happens at all

A far cry from 3D printing but somehow also every topic close to 3D printing as well - if nothing happens with 3D printing, you just deal with other key suppliers to keep the whole thing running. Also to show who 3D printers Manufacturer (at least on my side) also compete with in terms of investments…

Air conditioners without an external Unit incl. air dryer

Energy storing with 3 Modes:

  1. An off-grid mode where it doesn’t really matter which on-grid solar system already exists.

  2. Time of Use Mode – this means the system purchases on reserve at the cheapest price.

  3. Nem 3 mode – this means the system stores the surplus and sells it to network operators when they pay the highest prices.

  4. One that automatically overwrites all 4 functions. A Strum Gard means that when the National Weather Service issues a storm warning, the system automatically begins to stockpile power to make it available to the homeowner if the worst comes to the worst.

Microinverter which you properly should not mount on the rooftop, more on easy to reach spots. Not also 60 V and 11.5A range for operation for incoming solar panels. By the way, I already order this product, so not only my 3D printers will be driven by solar soon.

A really interesting power backup system independent but can be combined with solar - well they are german so they know much better than asian suppliers: istallation time is money too.