Filament Dryer for ASA

I have done it once, but for me the shrinkage was too unpredictable. So it is not useful for me, unfortunately.

Again. Thanks for sharing.

What is the ideal relative humidity for ASA?

I have it in my dryer right now and it’s ready 65%


Usually 10-13% for most filaments, I am not looking at an ASA chart fyi.

I mostly wanted to point out that I live in a very high humidity region and my AMS sits around 16-19% when I add a new roll to the box or unjam the feed etc. On a nice dry season it will hover around 9-15%

Hope any of this helps you out!

Thanks, we live in California and it’s not very humid. Weird that it’s reading 65%

It’s been running an hour at 70 degrees and dropped a few %

I’ll keep it running and see what it drops to.

No problem!

I think the humidity is relatively low there currently, the weather reports 38% average across the state today. So seeing a reading of 65% is concerning.

There may be some discrepancy in sensory equipment readings here as there is a difference between Relative Humidity and Actual Humidity, but I am sure you know this already. I also have to assume you are using Fahrenheit?

I don’t want to begin miss-speculations that could lead you down the wrong path but one thing I notice with some filament dryers is that you need to “burp” the air in the enclosure every so often if you are experiencing undesired moisture levels.

Some machines are inadequately equipped with inferior ventilation fans and can cause lots of inconsistencies like this.

If 70c I would double check my spec sheet as that sounds 5c off from the last stuff I used, but again, material differences, probably not human error.

First time where I see Vevor was on Aliexpress, now they have local websites on every continent – One of the distributers which I always check first, since so far I have always received good value for the money spend:

SS-06A / 85°C

SS-10H / 90°C

But I need to check it more carefully since my Filament Spool diameters are now up to 11.8 inch / 300mm

Thanks Kallvin, It has been running 2 hours at 70 degrees (the listed temperature for drying ASA) and has dropped to 40% RH.

I’ll keep it going for another few hours before trying another print.


40% RH is starting to sound much more in a normal range of my operational ends when drying during wet seasons, glad to hear it’s working it’s way out of the air in the chamber.

Cheers as well and happy printing!