Filament skip in the beginning of each layer. Help

Hi guys,

so up until today my P1P was printing perfectly. No trouble whatsoever. But starting today, I have a very weird thing happening on every print, essentially rendering each print useless.

When I start printing and after the bed leveling is done, the printer prints a line (as always). However, the beginning of the line is skipped. It continues over to the first position, leaving a trail of filament along the way. As soon as it goes down to print, I get a bubble, then it starts moving and I get nothing. After about 2cm, it starts drawing a line again. As it goes back to the beginning of the next line, same thing is happening. I am a beginner and don’t know how to troubleshoot this. Does anybody know, what is happening?


Edit: Thought, it may be a temperature problem. Checked with PETG print at 250°, same problem, if not worse. (Last picture)

Edit 2: I also realised, that the fan in front on the hot end (hot end fan?) is not spinning at all.

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For refererence:

And this was my value:

Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 20.19.12

Moved it back to K0.020 and it started working again.

As for the fan, apparently I didn’t wait long enough before cancelling the print for the fan to turn on. Working like a charm now. So beware of this strange K value.