First print question

Hi all.

Just finished setting up my X1C and did my first print. Would welcome some advice, The benchy came out really well apart from the base. Is there anything I can do to address this? Thanks

Did you use the support W filament by error ?

Hi. I used the partial roll of filament that came in the X1C box. It said PLA Basic on it. Hopefully that was not support :slight_smile:

Sometimes a booger of filament will get caught on the nozzle during the whole lidar pressure advance show

It can hold on after all 4 lines are drawn and scanned then still hang on when the purge lines are drawn in the back right corner

Your printer starts laying down the first layer slowly and that filament booger is still hanging on

Thennnnn, the printer shifts gears and starts printing fast, fast enough that booger boy lets go somewhere on layer 2 and travels around the print grabbing on and letting go at various points until it finally gets run over and smushed into the Benchy somewhere

The moral of the story is although the scan is nice if you don’t want to manually caliberate your filaments and turn flow caliberation off but you’re likely to meet the filament boogie man once and a while and he messes up prints in multiple ways lol

With the internal Benchy you’re kind of stuck because the flow caliberation is baked into the Gcode

Try again but keep an eye out for that booger

Thanks for the help. New print today with different PLA (Still Bambu) is a bit better.



Hi Josh,

Like Jrock said the pre sliced files are :-1: download the the stl file and use your own settings and see what happens you can also just print a small primitive cube 30x30x2mm to test out the first layer out and keep us updated.

Bambu Lab STL

What smooth built plate are you using Bambu or ?

  • Some built plates need Z offsets in the start g-code.

A few settings you can also test out but what’s is your settings @ ?

  • Set the first layer height to 0.24 if using 2.0 layer height but my pla will work fine with 2.0 first layer height but some times you need a little more.
  • Set the first layer height to 0.2 if using 1.6 layer height if not already set correctly ?

Best to switch to orca slicer and calibrate your settings also you get way more settings you can change.:grinning:

  • Then you can even adjust the bottom surface flow ratio.

Orca Getting Started

We will get you working :v:

thanks. will give all that a read. Have downloaded the models you suggested. I was using the cool plate but have just switched to the PEI. The models I referred to above were on the Cool plate.


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Quick update. OMG love this printer. The speed and print quality compared to my Ender 5 S1 is amazing even with the sonic pad connected to the S1.

Great prints, far far less failiures what more could a person want. Just waiting for the AMS to be delivered now.



I’ve been having a ball of a time with my printer (X1C) as well. I’ve probably made over 200 prints so far. Since I got it, I’ve sold my CR-10V2, and I’m contemplating selling my CR-6SE as well, given that it’s printed one thing since. Poor thing deserves to be used by someone.

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I got into 3D printing mainly to make cases for my electronics projects. I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like it so I bought an inexpensive Monoprice Maker Select V2 back in 2017. After some modifications so I could print PETG and TPU (all-metal hot-end, glass plate, installed Klipper with OctoPrint), I could print with almost no failures and get great results.

I finally decided to upgrade my starter-printer to a decent one. I decided I didn’t want a bed-slinger and was debating the Ender 5 S1 and the P1P. I am glad chose the Bambu Labs based on what @JoshBear posted.

I heard all the hype about Bambu, but I couldn’t be sure if it was just hype. I now realize how much I was in the dark-ages with my heavily-modified Maker Select and that my ‘great’ prints were really so-so at best.

I am impressed.

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I agree with the three above. I have two of the X1C Combos and haven’t had single issue with either of them that wasn’t due to operator error. Both printers are going almost non-stop for the past week (making the Honeycomb Storage Wall and a zillion attachments)

Honeycomb storage wall by RostaP | Download free STL model |

Either the overwhelming majority of these printers that have shipped have no issues at all, or I was lucky with my two so far. I am thinking the former.

Not so much being in the dark ages, or that your other prints were “so so”. BL have not only raised the bar for the industry, they have rewritten the rule book.

Industrial level printer, better finished product, consumer level pricing. Creality is the next one to see if the K1 Flagship can meet the standard, but they don’t have a AMS type unit.

Who will be next? Who will improve on the BL printer tier?

Could quite possibly be at the maximum ability of FDM printers now.

If someone kicks out a printer with a CHT nozzle as stock, designs a stupid rigid and light print head carriage to match or increase speed and the ability to run RGB or CMYK with filaments, then we will be playing on yet another level.

I was half waiting for the K1 but I saw the most recent video and it has no top lid, so assume less heat retention and noisier so decided to go with now tried and tested Bambu.

edit The K1 does have a plastic top.


The K1 is effectively an enclosed P1P design and feature wise.

The K1 Max is closer to the X1C so it is a wait see.

Another pro printer coming out is the 22 IDEX

I think it great how fast the market is moving. But I am very pleased with my choice of printer . Moved from a Creality 5 S1 & Cr10 smart pro to 2 X1Cs with AMS. This is my first full project print. I had printed some parts with the Creality printers but replaced all but one with new parts printed by the X1C because of the quality. Still got to clean off some of the supports and screw it together. It is about 4 foot tall!


the L2BB “layer 2 booger boy” is exactly what happened on my first print on the ‘engineering plate’, and the booger became a boulder; and that boulder picked up what appeared to be a fine layer 1.

It’s not funny but it is lol

I’m hoping that the automatic flow caliberation and pressure advance gets smarter because honestly I’m tired of little squares with numbers and a bunch of strands of pressure advance along with perfect little numbers finding their way into my beard and my clothes

If I ever see a person in public with a little plastic 2 or 0 on their shirt I’ll know what’s up :laughing: