Great new 3rd party upgrades in video

Here’s the list of the important ones that work covered in the video

A. E3D and Bambu have collaborated on developing a new high flow nozzle- the Obxidian. Straight swap out.

B. Big tree tech

  1. Revo High flow, interchangeable nozzle hot end.
  2. FULLY functional battery powered wireless LED screen to rival the screen on the X1 series
  3. nPEI build plate
    Couple of others, but all they have is a preview page on their website.

A couple of misc upgrades that the testing showed were questionable

Last, a printable tool for cleaning the threads on the Z axis screws called, the rod sloth.

I ran a Revo thinking it would be close to the Proto print Raptor…the design they “spent years” copying. 3 hours the mosquito was back in the machine along with an apology to Slice engineering on Facebook for even thinking E3D could make something close in performance.

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