Has anyone found a way to back rev their firmware?

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Many thanks for the insight :smiley:
I was busy churning out christmas pressies at the time and did not update until much later in the month.
Since then, my LIDAR has been playing up. Coincidence? Well, with roughly quarterly Firmware updates, 1 out of 3 random tickets will actually be within a month of a Firmware update. So yeah, there will be quite a few issues being projected onto the latest Firmware that have other root causes. Nevertheless, bugs will always occur with any meaningful program and the rollback option, if/when it comes back, should enable Bambu support to breathe a little easier.

It is a shame that the same virtues that tends to be cherished by Bambu’s major customers, such as openess and transparency, do carry a different weight in Bambu’s home base.
Olias post’s on his experiences were both entertaining and insightful. :smile:
Makes it easier to understand why a particular course of action is closed to some companies. :+1:

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There is a way to roll back but its not going to be discussed on here. There’s a reason why most these things are private.

That being said get ready for forced firmware updates. If you’re connected to the internet or running the app a firmware update can be forced without your knowledge. And they can make the software do a firmware check and not work for older firmware. And legally there’s nothing you can do because they would say it there is an issue that they had to patch and that this force firmware update was for safety.


Well that was a lucid blog post from Spaghetti Monster and welcomed openness if the follow through with it.

Well, where is it discussed?
I’m sick of having a brick, and losing in the ‘will they respond to my ticket’ lottery.
I’d really love to get my machine running again.

It is not yet publicly available. And it’s only been done for the X1. Here’s the post I made mention of above from the other day on this topic. Follow the YouTube link.

Why does it have to be a “one-way-ticket”? Why not make it possible for the customer to “come home” whenever they want? If they have some kind of an issue what is wrong with flashing it over to the latest Bambu firmware and see if that fixes it? If the customer goes to an unsupported firmware and has an issue he gets no support until the machine is back to a supported configuration.

I would wait a bit. I expect that once the open-source firmware becomes available, within a few weeks, there will be information on how to replace the current motherboard with a Raspberry Pi, and custom motherboards will soon follow. With open-source firmware, maybe it will be easy to build electronics capable of running it. In this case, the original mainboard can be replaced or restored if necessary, with the official firmware.

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If you could only modify the apk to look at a different server for the firmware file…hint hint. And yes it works.

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I found the screen lock feature on the third-party firmware quite interesting until I learned it can be bypassed by simply removing the SD card!
The developers shot themselves in the foot by telling Bambu Lab how they put a bootloader on the FW, stupid mistake

Or did they? Now they have full access to root with Bambu consent.


Please pm me about this more information hehe

I was able to downgrade via Bambu Handy from my Smartphone just a few days ago. Going back to 1.03.xxx from Now my prints are reliable again. Had many problems with inconsistent first layer, bad layer, corners, etc. with 1.05, so I go back to 1.03. Don`t want neither need some 3rd party thing.
Just want a perfect working 3D-Printer :slight_smile:

2 or 3 days I had the oppurtunity to update again to 1.05 but now its gone. Don`t know why.

Updated to, but didn’t do the noise reduction. Works good, but still looks like the quality is a little lower than before.

I got my reply to my open ticket on this topic. Note that I stated the whole purpose to restoring back to 1.03 is because that revision demonstrated the most stable LAN-only connection, 1.04 and 1.05 have numerous reports here by me and others as having become unstable in LAN-only mode.


After explaining my LAN-only stability problems, I asked a simple question; how do I backrev my P1 to 1.03?

Here was their answer:


Unfortunately, it is currently only possible to roll back to the three versions of 01.04, and it is not possible to roll back to version 01.03.

Let’s be candid here Bambu, there is a big difference between the words “Can’t” and “We won’t allow it”.


I am not suggesting that customer support be open ended, but withdrawing support on something already released is an egregious and aggressive move against the customer and what’s more, it costs Bambu NOTHING. This is the cheapest form of increasing customer satisfaction there is, just leave it alone. But when you work against the customer, they have a right to be angry about these practices.

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Bonjour,j’ai trouvé comment faire tu lances ta mise à jour depuis ta machine, la mise à jour terminée on va peut être te demander de faire la calibration. Tu ne la fais pas mais à ce moment sur ta machine tu fais Une réinitialisation usine (toujours depuis l’ écran machine). Et ensuite tu effectues la calibration totale .
PS : Moi aussi j’avait des soucis après la mise a jour fait comme je te dis et se sera ok.

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That’s interesting…so do a factory reset…then do a calibration and then you can do the update to the version you want?

Was this with X1 or P1 series?

No, Restoring factory settings does NOT change the firmware version or change the versions available for rollback.

After a firmware change, “Restore factory settings” does often correct errors and unexpected behaviors by a device. With my X1C, I no longer even attempt to use the printer after an update until I’ve done the Restore.

My theory (which I have not attempted to prove) is the new firmware may have caused certain fixed data storage locations to shift, so that when referenced, the values are invalid. “Restore” then initializes those locations. That theory may be nonsense, but for whatever reason, I’ve not had a problem with any firmware version after a Restore.

Unfortunately, filament calibrations stored on the printer by Studio will also be erased by a Restore. I avoid that problem with OrcaSlicer, which stores that information in the User preset.

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Sorry but your personal experience is limited and you are obviously unaware of firmware problems in the various printers that HAVE BEEN ADDRESSED by a follow up update.

The most recent example would be a P1 update that broke flow calibrations. The list of people reporting the exact same problem was long and numerous. Submitting a ticket to tech support would get the response “We are aware of the problem and working on a fix”. And guess what? They came out with another update to fix the problem.

There is now a problem with the A1 firmware causing the nozzle to drag over the infill on taller objects with small layer heights that didn’t exist before the update. Again, the list of people posting this is long.

So don’t assume that just because you haven’t experienced this that people are just complaining.

Unfortunately these bug issues is direct evidence of the lack of software engineering and design discipline. You cannot program your way out of this issue. Like hardware, any software changes require COMPLETE testing which require engineering from day one. What we have here is “Wack-a Mole”. Then one thing is “fixed” it breaks something else.
Bambu Labs is not alone. Even Apple and Microsoft have this issue. I believe they know they have problems but they do not understand what is needed or what to invest in. And yes, this is a fact, not my opinion.
The ratio of software engineers to programmers is at least 10,000 to 1.
When you use open source you are placing a bet it will work. Open source is not engineered, its programmed until the green light goes on. Engineering and programming are not the same, full stop.

The reality is, they sell product despite all of the buggy code, and since there is no better alternative at this price point, they will continue to sell products. Welcome to supply and demand.