High level filter for viewing models

I think some high level filters will help to reduce the number of models one needs to scroll through. I propose adding one filter to separate functional vs decorative models. During the model uploading process, in addition to the radio button on Original vs Remix, add one pair of radio buttons for Functional vs Decorative for the uploader to select.

The default view will use no filter, ie. all models are shown. But if one wants to look at a certain type of models only, either functional models or decorative, one can choose to filter out or in the models.

What do you think? What would you like a high level filter to filter out or in?

I know I’d appreciate an AMS filter… as a new single AMS user it’s great to look at all the 12+ colored print options but I only have 4 colors I can work with. :joy:

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That’s a good idea, a filter for the number of colours

Filters such as number of colors are on the printing profile level. I think there may be a way to automatically filter out print profiles. How about Makerworld enable users to fill out a Printer Profile under their account? Then printing profiles that are not compatible with a user’s Printer Profile will not be shown or at least grey out. This will avoid showing a print profile using carbon-filled filaments to users who don’t have a harden steel nozzle, or a print profile using PA to people who do not have a printer that can print PA, or a print profile that uses 8 colors to users who don’t have an AMS hub.

Just tried to browse through the models and again there are so many to scroll through that it’s very low yield endeavor.

There are times that a user doesn’t come to look for a specific category, or to seach for a specific thing, but to browse. However, even for browsing, the user will have some idea on what they want and not want want to see. A good high level filter will help to significantly cut down the number of models to make the browsing expereince better.

Every successful content platform (TikTok, Youtube, Twitter etc etc) now employs much more complex algorithms for what it shows you. There’s just so much garbage out there that filtering it is not a trivial task.

New content is randomly shown to a random selection of users to test it. Based on the response to those tests it gets scored on how engaging it is and what kind of users it appeals to.