How to manually add PLA to a printed part


I would like to know if anyone has a method to add PLA to a part which has been printed with a small defect.
The case I have to address is a large part which took a lot of time and PLA to print, and which presents a superficial crack of about 5 mm long and 1 mm wide. It could be easily filled with PLA if I had some kind of portable hot end.
Thanks for any answer.

I’d recommend a 3D printing pen, which you can find them all over Amazon. They are basically what you are wanting, a portable hot end with a small motor that feeds filament in from the back side.

I purchased one a while back for my son, which he enjoyed off and on for about a month before he lost interest. Now I hold on to it in my office and use it for fixing and welding parts together. I don’t really have a recommendation on which one to purchase, since the one I’m using isn’t one I’d personally recommend to anyone, though it works well enough.

Many thanks.

With the correct wording (3D printing pen), the Word opens !

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I’ve seem people on YouTube use 3d printing resins to correct defects and also smooth prints.