How to print multiple models in one overnight print

So for many of the popular models, you cannot download the .stl file
I like to print multiple models overnight but I cannot seem to find an easy way to print multiple models.

Whenever I want to add a second model and click “open in bambu studio” there’s always a new window opening, force closing the window with the first model already prepared and I cannot copy imported models from one window to another

For example:
I want to print this model : TopProp - For Bambu Lab 3D Printers by JDJDJD - MakerWorld
Together with a few of these : ProClip Filament Clip by JDJDJD - MakerWorld

What am I missing? I kinda feel ashamed having to ask a question on something as basic as printing more than one model in one go

Load the first model into Bambu Studio. Select the objects you need, but one at a time. Select one and save/export it as an STL. It is best to create a new folder for this. Select further objects and export them. Then load the second project and add the exported STL files to it.

Seems like 5 steps for a task that should require only 1
I know that you can export an stl in BS but that’s not an “easy way”

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I am amazed. Normally, you have to deal with around 100 parameters that play a role in printing and influence the result in one direction or another. Basically, it’s an expert topic or one for enthusiasts. Now Bambulab makes it very easy by delivering a really well built printer and with the options in Bambu Studio you can really start printing in a short time and get great results that could hardly be better. Even for beginners.

If you find it too complicated to quickly assemble individual objects on a printing plate yourself, it may be possible to ask the creator “JDJDKD” to offer this in a different form. Or you can put it together the way you think it would be practical and upload a 3MF yourself. Considering the time it takes to create a model, this is really easy and in the time it took me to write this text, I would have done the mixing of the objects three times.

I don’t want to be angry and I understand your concern, but on the other hand I’m really left wondering.

Best regards

Indeed, for beginners it’s amazingly easy and I understand why you might be amazed. However I’m not really a beginner and I have my usual workflow, my own settings for my own filaments and my own ideas on how I want to print and slice a model.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours getting to know 3D printing and how every single parameter can make or break prints. It feels a little condescending that BambuLab forces you to use a certain print profile without offering the option to import a model without taking all of the print settings along with it. (if the creator does not upload the STL files, which almost all of the professional creators don’t)

The way the “open in Bambu Studio” button works right now, is very pampering and I absolutely get why this might be very interesting for 3D printing beginners it’s just a shame that they allow models to be uploaded as Bambu Lab project only without any STL’s.

I would like to give an example why this has frustrated me:

Yesterday evening it was very late and really had to force myself to go to bed because I had to get up at 4h30 in the morning.

I thought, okay I’ll go to bed but quickly I want to start a large print that’ll be finished by the time I get home from work. I sifted through my saved prints from Makerworld and chose a few to print all together, along with some copies of my homemade models.

I prepared everything (set filaments, printer profile, added my own models to the plate) and then I wanted to start adding the downloaded models from Makerworld. Every model I opened from Makerworld, completely reset my print parameters and chosen filaments (I could not get the model to open in a new window, it always forced me to close my current project and open the one I downloaded)

So what was the result? I thought to myself, I don’t have time for this sh**.
My printer is now not printing and that has frustrated me

I think it’s easy to load multiple models for a over night print. Download both models from Makerworld and open the first model with Bambu Studio. Then click on the “ADD” button and select the second, third,… model to add it to the current project.
Now you have all the models on the plate and can change the settings for the objects / models individually or all at once.

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Yess thank you !!
That is exactly what I needed :heart_eyes:

wow this really undoes my whole rant here :rofl: