I wish I could learn to print TPU on X1c

I have a horrible time trying to print TPU on the X1C, it winds up stopping.
I have dried the filament 8 hours, I have slowed down the print speed, I have no problem printing the same exact filament (polyflex Tpu) on a cheapo Sidewinder, without failure, using Simplfy 3D.
Any help would be appreciated

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What is the tpu shore hardness you are wanting to print with ?

I have done settings for TPU 85A

I am using Polymaker TPU 90

Start with the TPU 85A settings and change with the settings below this should get you going.

Start with slow speeds then you want to work your way up in 5 mm/s steps with the 90A. Maybe go 20mm/s first layer & first layer infill and 30mm/s for other layer speeds and see how its printing then work your way up or stay @ these speeds up to you.

The TPU 90 you might be able to side load it unless you are getting extruder grinds on the filament. I can run 95A side loaded with no problems but I also run my start tpu G-code.

TPU 90A retraction settings to start @
Length = 2mm
Z hop = 0
Retraction speed 45 mm/s can be as high as 100 mm/s to stop stringing
Deretration speed = 20 mm/s should work for your 90A
Travel Distance = 1mm can go 0.6 to 2 mm

Travel speed 300 mm/s

Acceleration set all to 1000 mm/s
Outer wall 500 mm/s
Travel 1500 mm/s

This should get you printing TPU

keep us updated :v:

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Anyone has experience with spectrum s-flex 90A?