Is there any way to NOT purge on colour changes?

I’d like to print something with a few different shades of a similar colour - i.e. 3 or 4 different greys that change at various points
Because they’re shades, I actually would like them to run into each other a bit…

is there a way of preventing purging on switchover so that they run in to each other?

The closest you can get it by settings all the flush volumes to 0. So after a change the old colour will still be the one at the nozzle. See here for details:Printables

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Thanks - so just thinking this through, that would just mean the head would park, the AMS would retract what’s left in, the new colour would come down and then it just carries on?
So no purge into the poop and no purge tower, correct?

You will need the Purge Tower unless BBL finds a (better) programming solution. And unfortunately there will always be some waste.

Take a look at the video, then you’ll be a little smarter:

Do Flushing Volumes Matter on the X1-Carbon?

(Same company, different printer, but same principle.)

There will still be some purge, but it’s about 1/4 of the normal size. However you may have issues because the purge is very light and can be flung on the build plate. I was able to turn off the purge tower for doing those tests on printables.

You might want to read Setting an unbeatable record: NO flush at all :). Basically I just set the flushing multiplier to zero. I did also edit out a bunch of G-code but I suspect that wasn’t needed at all. I’ve been meaning to verify that as well but didn’t get a round tuit yet.