LAN Mode Liveview vs Lan Only vs WLAN

Newbie here and confused about a few things (finally figured out what looks like power button is sleep for display) I am not happy with having to go though Bambu servers for all of the functions to work (if they go out of business I have expensive brick). Enough rant, now there is WLAN, Lan Only and after the recent firmware upgrade there now is LAN Mode Liveview. I understand that WLAN will give me use of all the features (connect Handy App, connect Bambu Studio), I am confused what LAN Only does , other than not allow Handy or studio to connect (so this is sneaker net option?) . LAN Mode Liveview I tried turning off WLAN , LiveView on but still not able to connect via handy or studio.
I am confused with the logic being used to define what a WIFI connection is. every other device I have I pick WIFI net , enter password and they communicate. Being force to go via Bambu Server to use the useful features may be a deal breaker (and it ends up on Ebay). I realy like this printer but having my network exposed is not a realistic requirement in todays world. So if I’m not undertsanding how to use the settings correctly please let me know , I have off days.

Hi Dennis,
WLAN mode should be renamed as Cloud mode.
It opens everything. In my opinion a high risk…
I am using LAN only mode and still hope that bblp offers the possibility to make the handy app work.
There are many posts here about this topic.
Also how to connect to the sd card in lan only mode.

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I can’t seem to get LAN mode to work on the Mac. I can see the X1C on the network and can ping it from Terminal. Studio 1.7.4 just won’t connect even though I can see it in the device list and it has LAN by it.

Just got this error: I’ve omitted the details :slight_smile:
Connect “Machine ID” failed! [SN:*************, code=-1]

Anyone got any ideas why it won’t connect? Maybe it’s a problem with Studio?

Thanks in advance. Newbie here so I can’t post yet it seems.


I have been running LAN mode for a little over a week now. It was a little finicky at first and I had to restart the printer a couple times but now it’s completely stable on my Mac Mini and my Windows PC. I’m also using the Home Assistant integration and it’s pretty reliable.

I wish the Home Assistant integration was a little better but I just don’t think Bambu exposes enough data/sensors/controls in LAN mode… But that’s another topic.

Hi d_p,

Thanks for the reply. The only way I can get it to work is creating a mobile hotspot on my phone for both WLAN and LAN mode.

I’m using it at my place of work and the building has a pretty hardcore firewall in place so there’s no chance getting it out to the server and back in again using the network which is why I’m trying to use LAN mode. It seems even on the local network something is stopping it communicating.

I can see it on the network but it just won’t connect. Mobile hotspot no worries, it connects.

I can probably get the tech dept to see if they can identify if there is a port that is stopping it in LAN mode but I’m a but baffled as to what ports it’s using to communicate with. I guess if you or anyone knows what they might be I’d be very grateful. It would be nice to just use it without the faff of using the mobile.

Either way I’m really loving the X1C. Been resin printing up till now and I can’t see myself going back!! :joy: