Liquid glue as release agent

does liquid glue act as an release agent for very sticky filaments or do i need something else?

And did Bambu raise the price? i rememered 16,99 now its 19,99

a very steep price in would think.

I haven’t used liquid glue yet but have been using glue sticks. It’s my goto for PLA on the Bambu Cool Plate. I am not certain but the way people talk about the liquid glue it functions much the same - a release agent that helps the first layer stick.

There’s been a number of discussions of glues and sticks here, and the build plates and filament product pages all mention if glue of some sort helps on certain build plates. I don’t think glue is appropriate for all plates and filaments so be sure to check.

For me with PLA on the cool plate, glue stick just works.

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I use the liquid glue when using the Engineering Plate.
As above, it works pretty much as the normal glue.
With regards to price:
I got mine May 2023, £17.99
Just checked their web site, still £17.99

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The cheaper release agent is the solid pva glue stick. 4-lines on a plate, distribute well with a very moist cloth, done. The liquid glue does provide a better adhesion during printing though. Still on my first as it lasts a while and I tend to use it only in special cases. It was already €19,99 in September 2023.

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i see you get 20% off if you order it with a build plate thats why i thought its cheaper.

i am mainly concerned with too much adhesion. i had problems on an old glas bed
with to much stickyness rippig pieces off the bed.

for 20% off i think i’ll try it.

I’ve heard mixed results with using liquid glue as a release agent for sticky filaments. Some people find it helps, while others prefer using a PEI sheet or painter’s tape. As for the price hike, it seems like a lot of things are going up in price these days. $19.99 does feel steep compared to $16.99.

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When I tested the Bambu Labs liquid glue, I found it was effective as a release agent but it made for a very poor bed adhesive. So, for example, use it to keep PETG from sticking too well to a PEI sheet, but if you have the opposite problem–i.e. whatever filament you’re using isn’t sticking well enough to the build plate–choose something else.


I agree, although I use for ABS and ABS-GF and it seems to help. I say seems because I’ve never not used it on the smooth plate.

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I mainly use the liquid glue when printing PETG on the Engineering Plate. Not had an issue with the print sticking too well or first layer problems, up to now.

This is my prefered methode of aplying glue…

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