M620 / m621?

I’m going thru the A1 mini start gcode to build a prusaslicer profile, but I’m not entirely sure about these m620 & m621 commands. This all looks like AMS stuff, which I do not have.

Just hoping someone can tell me exactly what I’m seeing with these weird custom bambu gcodes

M620 M ;enable remap
M620 S[initial_no_support_extruder]A ; switch material if AMS exist
G392 S0 ;turn on clog detect
M1002 gcode_claim_action : 4
M1002 set_filament_type:UNKNOWN
M109 S[nozzle_temperature_initial_layer]
M104 S250
G1 X-13.5 F3000
M620.1 E F{filament_max_volumetric_speed[initial_no_support_extruder]/2.405360} T{nozzle_temperature_range_high[initial_no_support_extruder]}
M109 S250 ;set nozzle to common flush temp
M106 P1 S0
G92 E0
G1 E50 F200
M1002 set_filament_type:{filament_type[initial_no_support_extruder]}
M104 S{nozzle_temperature_range_high[initial_no_support_extruder]}
G92 E0
G1 E50 F{filament_max_volumetric_speed[initial_no_support_extruder]/2.4053
M106 P1 S178
G92 E0
G1 E5 F{filament_max_volumetric_speed[initial_no_support_extruder]/2.4053*60}
M109 S{nozzle_temperature_initial_layer[initial_no_support_extruder]-20} ; drop nozzle temp, make filament shink a bit
M104 S{nozzle_temperature_initial_layer[initial_no_support_extruder]-40}
G92 E0
G1 E-0.5 F300

G1 X0 F30000
G1 X-13.5 F3000
G1 X0 F30000 ;wipe and shake
G1 X-13.5 F3000
G1 X0 F12000 ;wipe and shake
G1 X0 F30000
G1 X-13.5 F3000
M109 S{nozzle_temperature_initial_layer[initial_no_support_extruder]-40}
G392 S0 ;turn off clog detect

M621 S[initial_no_support_extruder]A

You will need to change these G-codes for the A1 edits.

M140 S[first_layer_bed_temperature] ;set bed temp

M190 S[first_layer_bed_temperature] ;wait for bed temp

M109 S{first_layer_temperature[initial_extruder]}

M104 S[first_layer_temperature[initial_extruder]] ;set extruder temp

M109 S{first_layer_temperature[initial_extruder]-20} ; drop nozzle temp 20c

{if filament_type[initial_tool]==“PLA”}
{if (bed_temperature[current_extruder] >45)||(first_layer_bed_temperature[current_extruder] >45)}
M106 P3 S180
{elsif (bed_temperature[current_extruder] >50)||(first_layer_bed_temperature[current_extruder] >50)}
M106 P3 S255
{endif};Prevent PLA from jamming

M620 S[initial_tool]A ; switch material if AMS exist

M621 S[initial_tool]A


Turn off the texture bed plate G-code

;{elsif (curr_bed_type==“Textured PEI Plate”)}
; G29.1 Z{-0.04} ; for Textured PEI Plate
; G29.1 Z{0.00} ; for High Temp or Engineering Plate

You can turn stuff off by commenting relative lines like the bed plate above.

Filament Settings Start G-code you might want to do something like this also.

M106 P3 S127 ; Chamber fan 0 to 255 on/off by commenting the line
;M106 P2 S78 ; Aux fan 0 to 255 on/off by commenting the line
;G29.1 Z-0.04 ; Textured bed plate on/off by commenting the line

This will get you started if you get any errors on other G-codes just post them.

Bambu Lab Specific G-Code