MakerWorld Open Beta is here!

MakerWorld (, the next-gen 3D model platform, is now in Open Beta!
After weeks of testing, our closed beta users printed over 5,000 times on MakerWorld.
We’re excited to invite you to try our one-step printing feature with Bambu Handy, explore multi-color models, and earn rewards.
We are looking forward to your feedback so we can continue to improve.


Nice. Ive really been enjoying makerworld. It really is a game changer with the cloud splicing. Gets rid of the need for a pc. Opens the door for alot of people. And benefits all bambu customers.

Working very well.

Hope to see many models on makerworld in the future.


Some models look like they will need supports and even in the description for the flip skateboard says you will need to add supports. How do you slice and make sure it adds supports? Thanks.

Also are we freaking cloud slicing now?!! This is game changing.

That is really nice, I like it!
However, I also just wanted to import my models from Printables. Bambu gives a verification link that you have to write in your bio at Printables.

BUT: Prusa blocks all URL’s from Makerworld! I have tried many different URLs. All of them can be saved in the bio without any problems. Except the ones from Makerworld. So I can’t import my models from there. I think this is pretty pathetic from Prusa! :angry:


They didn’t block anything yesterday. Must be a new thing.

Might be prusa temper tantrums. :rofl:

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You can add it as a social media adress, but sadly makerworld’s crawler doesn’t recognize it. Could we get a quick fix Bambu? :slight_smile:

Yap, I noticed that too. But does not work on bambu side. Unfortunately…

Very Nice,Great job.

I am surprised and hope it is a bug; it is difficult to conceive an immature and pointless attitude with likely inverse effects at a professional level.

Yup, they are onto us.

Upvote :slight_smile: I have the same issue. Kind of dirty from Prusa.

Any news this will be fixed on Bambu lab end soon providing different verification method? (Considering that Prusa will not change their mind about this “policy” in near future.)

Sorry, but why do you present this link http instead of https

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Hmm - I signed up for the beta waitlist, and expected to get an email about the public beta. Nope.


I noticed it you got the website instead of through handy. They have an area on some models that says download STL 3mf etc.
Maybe try that

I updated Bambu Studio this morning and since then, I cannot upload a print profile. Has anyone else had this? I literally uploaded one just before updating and it worked fine, now when I try it says that the .3mf was not created in Bambu Studio or a non-bambu printer is listed. However, I used Bambu Studio and only have my P1S set up.