Minimum parts needed for 40C chamber

Hey All,
bought a P1P onsale, finding it needs bits to survive printing inside its own shipping container. (best free chamber ever :wink:)
looking at the 200 dollar kit.

I just want to do some ASA without doing the precarious rigging of cardbord, or the waste of a 3 wide draftshield.

bare minimum in extra parts is the goal

I have the heatsink in my cart, 10bux for a fan I won’t need to solder a connector to, sound value, chamber fan ditto.

But the P1s tool head cable, and hardened steel extruder gearset…

are they needed or not for moderate warmth?

If the original design was P1S, made for 80C or whatever it is…
did BBL take the time to down engineer half a dozen parts, get them made up and fitted into the supply chain soley to keep individual part cost down.(just the extra part numbers to track…unreal, effin bean counters are ubiquitous)

or was the P1P first, and temperature related failures when testing for an enclosed dictated upgrades to these specific parts.

I really hope its the latter

You don’t want an AUX (chamber) fan or the hardened nozzle/extruder for printing ASA. Make some more permanent enclosure panels and call it a day.


Cheapest way to get there is to use the Bambu Lab provided printable case modified to be closed, add the P1S top front cover (or print an extension for the P1P panel), add the cable chain, and tack on the P1S door and top glass. The tool head cable isn’t guaranteed to be needed. My P1P came with the upgraded cable and I bought it in April 2022. The fans are a good idea, but I ran mine enclosed without extra fans for about a year, with no issues. However, my longest print was about 6 hours, and that was rare. I believe this would come out to about $100 + the filament cost to print the case.

But if I’m honest, I’d say just buy the P1S two side panels, front panel, top and front glass, cable chain, and add anything else when you want at your leisure. That should come out to about $145, and look beautiful. That still means you’ll want to print a upper rear panel, and be careful of the temps your mainboard sees, but it will work well and look like a complete printer. However, at that price, it might make sense to bite the bullet and get the Aux fan, camera, light, chamber fan, mainboard fan, and heatsink. It was a no brainer for me when it was $150 for the enclosure kit, now the extra $50 makes you consider other options. But IMO, its worth it still at the higher cost.

The hardened gears are for people who plan to print a lot of carbon fiber infused filaments. The basic stainless steel gears are relatively strong and will hold up to a little abuse.

The BBL enclosure is likely built to withstand 60C (based on the X1E’s temps), and no, I don’t think they dumbed any of their printers down. I’d bet they all use the same base parts, built to withstand the X1E’s temps.

The temp related failures were mostly from not having the extra parts an open printer would ever need, like the mainboard fan and the chamber fan. So not really down engineered, more so just left off because they wouldn’t be needed.


Here’s a link the BBL provided sides (will need to be modified to enclose),

Here’s a link to the BBL provided P1P frame STEP file,

The second file is good to have if you like modifying stuff.