Most visual attractive filament

In the order of your arrows (from top to bottom):

  • Basic PETG
  • PLA-CF
  • Basic PETG
  • PLA-CF
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100% correct. I should have just added that in the picture :slight_smile:

I have just used the lava grey PLA-CF, but unfortunately I do not have any prints here anymore. They were all sent out. For me it printed exactly the same as the black PLA-CF. Same profile, same texture.

And yes, the PETG-CF indeed looks quite good. Ill do some tests and maybe ill switch from PLA-CF as my standard filament. Havent had time to test and measure how dimensionally stable it is, but usually the carbon fiber helps there. Hopefully I can manage this over the weekend as the printer is occupied until then :slight_smile:

Okay. Nice to know. Most likely, mine is wet.
After calibration (FR and PA), green and red PLA-CF showed excellent results in dimensional and tolerance tests. Only I wouldn’t say I like their cost.

Nice overview of the materials…
I’m convinced to buy some PETG-CF now,
it look much better then my very shiny PETG.

I find normal black ABS has quite a nice satin finish when printed at high speed. Not quite as nice as CF filament but is cheaper and very durable.

I just did some tests with PolyLite ASA vs. 3DXTech ASA+CF. In terms of looks, the CF is invisible, unlike PETG-CF or PLA-CF:

The vertical side may be a tad “dryer” less “goopy” looking, but it’s close.

I printed some small CNC-Kitchen tensile strength samples both in the XY and Z direction, these are ~48mm long overall (showing the Z-direction test samples):

I then used my very ad-hoc test set-up with a force gauge that has a peak-hold feature to see what the max breaking load is. I did 2 samples of each filament in each of the XY and Z directions. Here’s what I got:

I ran out of time and didn’t quantify the bending modulus but holding two bars in my hands the ASA+CF one is definitely stiffer than the ASA one.

Note that the two filaments were printed with custom profiles using a 0.6mm nozzle, and 0.3mm layer height. I’m printing both at the top of the recommended temperature range (ASA@260C & ASA+CF@255C) and with 20% fan @3s layer time (which is probably pretty close for the narrow neck of the Z sample). The consistency between the two “identical” samples and the fact that the ASA Z samples show about 75% of the strength of the XY samples while the TDS claims 72%, suggests that what I’m measuring isn’t completely off. :laughing:

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Check out California Filament
They make a matte black PETG that’s great to print with.

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I’m from The Netherlands, it’s to expensive to buy in the USA…

Really love the marble PLA and PETG-CF both from Bambu. I mean the first layer always looks sexy with the marble. And the PETG just works (here purple PETG-CF)


That look absolutely fantastic, best I’ve seen in PETG-CF thanks for sharing

I also was looking for the perfect outdoor filament. Tried several types. I have found that ASA is by far the strongest, best color and most accurate printing filament. The brand that I have tried and like a lot is iSANGHU. It prints with a hot bed and high temp, but the end product is accurate and something that is really going to last.