Optimization required: Image Compression Increases File Size

It seems that the image encoding/compression isn’t functioning efficiently. I embedded a JPG image alongside the description. The original JPG is 366KB, but the presented image is a WebP file, which should be the same size or smaller, yet it’s 725KB. Perhaps you could modify the image processing script to compare the file sizes of the compressed image and the original. If the recompressed version is larger, it should be discarded.

The website and app could really use a performance boost. Over the past couple of weeks, the website has felt less responsive, even during off-peak hours.

Thanks for the feedback Uhl, we will look into this matter.

Thanks for reporting this issue.
If possible, could you share with me an example JPG?

Sure, but how can I share or upload it without it being processed? If needed, I can upload it to a third-party service. Let me know if that works for you.

Has this image been uploaded as a model image on MakerWorld?
If so, please share with me the model link and a screenshot denoting this image.

We can get the original image you uploaded.

It is the inline image in the description of this model:

I just checked this image, and found the size of jpeg is 1.14MB, resolution 5000x1250.

I uploaded the image multiple times. Initially, the file size was 1.14MB, and when I checked the page afterwards, it loaded very slowly. I then compressed the image to 366KB, deleted the original file in the editor, uploaded the new file, and did the formatting. Something may have gone wrong during that edit.

I just uploaded the compressed JPG again (replacing the original). Now the resulting WebP file is 508KB, which is better but still significantly larger than the 366KB JPG.

If your network provider is Deutsche Telekom, there might be another reason for poor performce: Makerworld uses Cloudflare, and Telekom and Cloudflare have a poor interconnection.
This long-standing problem has been discussed in various places, but unfortunately has not yet been permanently solved.

To check, try accessing Makerworld from another country/continent via VPN (Opera Browser has a free built-in VPN, for example).

You are right. I’ve noticed this behavior in the past as well (cross-checked with a VPN vs Telekom VDSL). While the site remains usable, there’s considerable room for improvement, particularly regarding image optimization, which is clearly a backend issue in this case. The recompressed image should never be larger than the original. If it is, it should be discarded, as the quality will only be worse and loading time longer.

Additionally, if you have full control over the image dimensions, I suggest providing a scaled-down version. For example, a 5000x1250 image could be scaled to 1000x250 pixels as the image will never take more than ~820px in width anyway. Make it two times the maximum width for high resolution monitors if you think its worth the file increase. Since there’s already dynamic resizing functionality in place, you can simply add:


For instance: https://makerworld.bblmw.com/makerworld/model/DSM00000000524919/design/2024-07-14_d25205618cdfe.jpg?x-oss-process=image/resize,w_1000/format,webp

This results in a 50KB WebP image without any perceivable loss in quality (when scaled to the target dimensions).

This topic is unrelated to the file size of the WebP file being bigger than the JPG but the issue becomes more prominent when images are not scaled properly.

Thanks, we will optimize it.