Polyflex TPU 90

Trying to print with Polymaker Polyflex TPU 90 and I’m having no luck. Almost as if it’s not even feeding. Has anyone had any luck with this filament?

Going to make some further adjustments to speed and see what happens.

Would this help? Mechanical problems of printing with TPU on the A1 Mini - #14 by maruel

I was mistaken, the material is TPU 95A, not 90.

i am using different brands 95A , but almost no problems just make sure it is external feeder do no use AMS and may be slow down the extruder speeds , some people have added a support for the PTFE on the head to make sure is straight i did not have this problem . Also TPU does not like fast printing speeds
For softer materials i had to drill through the extruder housing to be able to change the tensioner . At the end i gave up on TPU printing on Bambu as switching between soft TPU and other filaments is pain and very often forget the tensioner changes and blocks the extruder, instead using Prusa for it

but should be ok for 95A and if you have more problems read through this

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I ended up using the “How to Print NinjaFlex” and it worked well. It’s my first TPU print, and its a part that isn’t visible so it worked out find for my needs.

I have tried printing TPU on my P1P now for nearly a year. I have tried damned near every brand except the $40+ HF stuff. Conclusion. Regardless of brand, calibrations, speeds, method of feeding (custom spool holder with a direct vertical drop into the print head), etc… Bambu printers SUCK at TPU. If you must print TPU, like I did, buy an Ender 3 V3 SE for $200. It prints TPU nearly flawlessly due to its extruder design, dual gear Sprite extruder. It will save you hours, days, weeks of frustration and lost money and time.

Ditto. Went with an Ender 3 V3 SE for TPU. It just works like magic for TPU.

I actually had really good luck when I followed the instructions on the link above. I’m sure it depends on what you’re trying to print. To me it seems like speed is a defining issue, the slower I went the better the results.