Poor quality on fillets and bridges (ABS polymaker)

Hello everyone,

I’m new user with this BBL X1C and I’m experiencing 2 issues:

As you can see on pic (Flat side is on the plate), the roundish surface is low quality. I got same issue with fillets which are plate side aswell.

The bridge which is in interface with support is very poor quality aswell, moreover there are gaps between bridges and walls.

I use ABS polymaker (250°C and 100° plate), with “0.2mm Stantard” settings (3 walls).
here’s cooling settings:

Do you have any settings which I’ve to modify to solve these issues please?

Thanks in advance for your help.

It looks like you are underextruding which is leading to gaps and spaces between filament lines.

See this guide for how to custom tune profiles for your filament


You have some under extruding going on and bump the nozzle temp up you can do tower temperature testing using the orca slicer. You should be around 260 to 275c range on the Bambu with abs.

Look at your speed and fan speed on the dome in the preview screen menus so you know what’s going on but first get your setting tuned.

Keep us updated :v:


Thanks guys for your replies. I gonna perform several tests with applying all the settings you advise.

And keep you informed :slight_smile: