Print Quality Going Down

I have a X1C

All my filaments are purchased from Bambu Lab

I have lubricated the rods and performed all possible calibrations. However, my print quality has gone and any insights on what else I could troubleshoot would be great.

Im using ABS.

Maintain your Hotend. Looks Like the thermal paste has degraded. Had that too.

Have you updated your firmware recently? Did you encounter similar issues before the update? If the problem appeared after the last update, then downgrade your firmware to the previous version, or to the version before that, the one that worked well for you. That might be a solution, if the suggestion on the thermal paste proposed above doesn’t work.

I just updated the firmware and Im printing again. The problem is recent.

thermal paste has degraded? Could you elaborate your share a link?

The hotend needs this paste in order to transfer the heat to cooling block and fan.
Over time this paste can dry out and well, degrade - it is no longer flexible enough to close all gaps.
All those little bumps when the nozzle runs into curled up corners of the print and such add up…
For a CPU or such it not a big deal but we have far higher temps in our hotends causing this paste to dry out quicker.

Does Thermal Paste Expire: Everything You Need to Know - NabCooling

Problem is: the paste has limits… The higher the temp, the faster it degrades.

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downgrade to the previous version and see if the problem is solved. You can always upgrade again to the latest version if the problem isn’t the firmware. And do check the status of your thermal paste, just in case.

I just need to know where I apply the thermal paste. I’m trying to find a link on Bambu wiki. Thanks!


Great video, and thank you for responding.

I think that is an issue!

In the name of science I purchased another Bambu PS1 to compare and make sure it was not my file. The PS1 is working flawless but the X1C is NOT. I’m attaching pictures of both machines so everyone may see the difference. At this point I have replaced nozzles, cleaned and lubed everything. Not sure what else could be the issue but a mechanical sensor failure. Which I do NOT know. I purchased a warranty so I guess the next step is to take it back. This my third Bambu and perhaps the factory should send a spare parts kits with sensors and etc because it’s cheaper than warranty.

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What is the orientation of those prints on the build plate?
Z is obvious but the direction of the x and y axis in relation to the print isn’t.
Screenshot in the slicer would do nicely .

Dang, you are extremely committed to science! :joy:
That’s an odd one - did you replace the nozzle, or the entire hot end? Wonder if there’s a communication issue going on? My other thought is that I wonder if you’ve got a partial clog somewhere in the extruder. If you’ve not done it yet, I’d pull apart the whole extruder and clean it out. Otherwise, yeah, it sounds like you’re heading into support ticket time.

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In the first image, the lines, are they thicker, or shifted? If shifted, any particular direction, front to back, left to right? If shifted then check the plate is not wobbling, could be wear, loose connections to the vertical rods, debris,loose belts, etc. Maybe the z screws are sticking momentarily. If thicker, then extrusion or filament. Get some cheap pla from amazon, say. Dry it. Make sure no friction if feeding through the Bowden tube. Thicker lines mean more filament being extruded. It can happen with irregular heating, or feeding, or variation in filament size/consistency. Fit a new nozzle. If you’ve been using a .4, with filament like wood filled/cf, etc. Get a .6 hs nozzle, and recalibrate.

I only use filament from Bambu… I already have doe the nozzle flow calibration as well.

I replaced the entire Hotend. I did not consider clogging. So I guess I can check that.

I would also check for loose or worn out timing belts.

I tried a .6hs nozzle earlier and the problem still there. I guess the next step is checking the belt.