Request: Faster print start

I am verry interrested by this subject too, I am trying your version, works nice.

But I still think that would really be great to have an option in Studio to bypass nearly every thing except homing

Do you know what the purpose of doing two purge lines (nozzle load & purge line) ?

I’m not sure the exact reason for two purge lines.

But from observing it, I think the second one is more important, especially the little wipe sequence at the very end.

I’ve considered either connecting the two lines for easier removal, or just eliminating the first line all together.

Thank you for the code.
Do have tweaked the code more?

The fan isn’t that loud lol

Put a different fan in that’s about it.
When dealing with machinery, there is going to be noise

Would you mind sharing details for the fast 11 second startup code. I have been looking everywhere to speed up multiple identical prints.

Looks very very promising. Would it be possible to get a look at your gcodes for “fast start”?

Welcome to the forum!

There is good thread about optimized start and end g-code for P series printers.


But its not a real fast start. Only a little optimized. The fastest start would be

  • heat bed and nozzle
  • homing
  • print
    Which include that the AMS should not unload at the end of print and will start with the same filamet as it stoped before. Some people did this already.