Review bombing

Hoping this is the place to ask this question. I have a model that has been out there for awhile with about 200 downloads and received nothing but 5 stars but today I noticed a review with a 1 star. Obviously I was wondering why/what happened but after reviewing the response as to why it was given such a low grade, it seems pretty obvious that this person is just trying to tank my rating avg.

Is there anything stopping someone from purposely tanking ratings and is if its even worth it to report this guy?

The Item and review: Ceiling Fishing Rod Holder by Ragnor - MakerWorld

The 1 star 3 word review stated “Strength Issue”, “Support Issue”, “Adhesion Issue” which is pretty laughable since A) the model doesn’t require any supports, B) I have it set for 6 walls and 25 percent infill which is probably overkill for strength C) It prints flat so if its adhesion then its definitely not the models fault.


Use the report button next to each dodgy review and issue the report.

This is one of the places that MW (BL) are pretty good at rectifying and usually quickly.

Good to know they are on top of it. I just did report so hopefully you are correct.

Appreciate the quick reply!

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Bed adhesion is kind of a user issue and not a model issue. Sure, conditions could be set in the 3mf to cause adhesion issues but others posting photos of successful prints kind of argues against that.

The user has nothing in their profile either. Upset anyone on the board recently? Maybe their IP will get blocked and they can learn the hard way.

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Did you reach out to the user to find out why s/he is so upset?
Or you had interactions with this user before and know s/he is doing this to tank your rating, which is actually not effective at all if your model has been getting nothing but 5-star ratings.

I haven’t even left a bad review myself so not sure how I could offend anyone


@DWdesigns yeah I did but no response back. The comments don’t make any sense vs what was printed. Some people just have a mean streak I guess

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I had a similar issue two weeks ago and made a post about it. Happened to two of my models in contests. Same thing a very bad review and no feedback. Report it and MW will remove the negative review and they act quickly.

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I don’t think anyone should be able to leave a review about problems without providing information about the issue and a picture.

It doesn’t help anyone, the designer, the user or BL.

Most of the issues users get are because they didn’t know the problem was at their end, usually bed adhesion and not nothing to check if that was the issue.

You can’t provide help to that user.

If there is a genuine issue the designer hadn’t accounted for, there is no information to improve the situation for the next person.

MW gets filled with a nightmare of useless, unhelpful ratings, littering MW and making the whole system untrustworthy.

BL loses as people believe the reviews and wonder if it is the printers.


Sometimes a user rated the wrong model. Or the user was so upset that s/he just clicked at all the available choices (which doesn’t help anyone).

Giving someone a bad rating is not an effective way to get back at someone. Here’s why. In order to rate a print profle, the user has to go through the trouble to print one. After that, take the trouble to rate. One rating doesn’t affect the overall rating much, particularly if the ratings have been good and can easily have an overall rating above 4.0.

Even if the user’s rating can manage to get the overall rating to below 4 at the time, there can be more good ratings to come and push the overall rating back above 4.

So after all the troubles, what the user did is giving the designer more reward points in the end.

I dont think anyone should be able to leave a review without proof of print and any changes to the 3mf


!00 percent! If there was an issue with a print that I downloaded I would chat the person up directly to see if there was a way for me to resolve. I would also prefer the same courtesy.

In this case it seems like it was done out of spite which I would really like to understand why. If I had wronged someone I would at least like the opportunity to apologize. Leaving a bad review is just childish.


Suppose you could just scale the print down small enough to a couple minute print then review it harshly. This brought a 5 star rating down to a 4.3 star so its above the 4 star still as you stated.

Not a design that has 1000’s of prints nor hundreds of ratings so that one 4 star brought it down considerably. With that said, I agree with you, not much point in taking the effort just to get back at someone.

Simple solution: Report. Then they are usually reliably removed within a day or two. It is necessary that the problem is described, otherwise the review is invalid. Fortunately, Bambu handles this more than reliably, as I have also had this problem. Discussing is useless if someone doesn’t bother to write at least a few sentences. A classic case of deletion: One star because of bad supports, but the model has none at all.

Of course, if someone justifies it, then you can’t do anything about it, but that’s hardly ever the case. This has more or less already been written, so my comment is more of a confirmation of that. Just report. Those who are really interested in a dialogue will first write you a comment without a rating. Telling you the problem and you can also help them.

By the way, the rating you are referring to is also invalid because he criticises supports, even though it doesn’t have nor need any.

I cannot confirm this part. I have never had a review report rejected, and I usually do not add comments to my reports.

Never rejected but have had them ignored. :confused:

Are you sure you’ve understood me correctly? The person who writes a bad review has to justify it. Not the creator. If someone actively clicks that they have a problem with a printer profile, then they have to give reasons, otherwise the review is not valid. After all, if there are too many bad ratings, the points are blocked, which has consequences, so bambu is already making sure that things are fair.

You write about reports being rejected, which I have not referred to at all. If I have misunderstood you, please write to me again and tell me what you mean.

I apologize. I misunderstood it.

The other day I printed a model off of MakerWorld which I found to be so inadequate that I threw it in the trash. I was thinking of giving an honest review. But you know, there had been more than 300 prints, more than a hundred likes, and it had received several 5 star reviews and a couple of boosts. But to me, it was garbage. It didn’t work well and was poorly designed and modeled. Considering the narratives floating around this forum, there is a good chance that I would have been attacked for my honesty, my comments deleted, so I said nothing.

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You could still write a comment by writing the reason why you think the model is poorly modeled, just be constructive and justify your judgment well.
Clearly, it is not just a matter of content but also of form, of how things are written.