SD Card issues

Hi, I have had for about a week now, increasing frequency errors for the SD card to the point where I could no longer print. So I bought a new SD card, popped it in and still got the same thing.

Seems to download fine, start bed levelling, then at some point, the screen on the P1s goes to ready to print and the app throws an SD card error.

Any hints or experiences?


That is an odd issue to happen with two seperate cards.

The only thing I might suggest doing is using the printer to format the card. FAT32 is becoming less commonly used so having the Printer format the card might help.

I am having the same problem. # different cards and it says card not inserted. Tried to format cards and theyu will not format?

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I’m pretty sure the board has to see the card as inserted to be able to format it. The SD card socket may be damaged or there may be some debis not allowing the card to seat all the way into the socket.

Thanks @JonRaymond. I couldn’t get my Mac to read the new card, which was suspicious, and original card still kept throwing errors. I reformatted the original card and all is now fine, so to summarise, I guess something on the first card was corrupted and wouldn’t remove when free-ing space? The second card I think was dead on arrival, which is surprising for such a reputable SD card brand. Either way, moral of the story stock spares, in the correct format!


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Yeah when I got a new sd card I had to format on my Mac