So we can get a discount of $80 if we return or $120 if we keep

que problem its not that part of the cable… its all the cable

I’m taking the refund… X1C here we come.


I think I am going to be doing the refund and getting the P1S

Yeah, that’s not how that works. :rofl: They are responsible for the product and manufacturing of the product regardless if there is a recall. I would not be the slightest surprised if there are lawsuits incoming including a class action lawsuit. I’m assuming you’re not from the U.S.?

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This but outside of damages by someone getting hurt or damages to property outside of the printer. They can tell you to pound sand when it comes to warranties

Like if you screw up the fix, and sometime down the road it comes back at you. Then good luck.

Anyways to their point if it ends up killing you sometime down the road. Then ya… It doesn’t really matter who is at fault

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I know one person already sent theirs to UL. They got mad when they we’re told they had to pay shipping to send the unit back.

Oh this storm is just getting started. Is anyone needs anything I would definitely start buying it now because these prices are going to go up because they’re going to be eating a lot of money on this. I think by summer we’ll see the p series in the next series increase by $100.

also this

I’d sure like some clarification from Bambu on units purchased from resellers, as I too bought my unit from micro center when I was already in Dallas picking up a commercial resin printer. Since I live 300 miles from a micro center it’s not like I can easily return the printer.

So do I apply for the bed replacement? Am I able if I so choose to get a refund? Or since I bought the unit at micro center is my only option to return the unit to micro center? The updated blog post only specifically mentions units ordered and shipped from Bambu. Also I never received any emails, updates or notifications about this issue, I only found out about it because I was waiting for a business meeting Friday morning and was almost 2 hours early so I was browsing YouTube and seen the posts about the A1. Otherwise I may not have known for a while.

I’m probably going to just apply for the bed replacement and see what happens. The swap appears way simple compared to other repairs we do on other equipment in my shop so that doesn’t bother me. The wait, at least in my case, is an annoyance more than anything. I did keep the box, as I did for all my printers, it’s up on the mezzanine in the print shop, so if I have to do something else I will but I won’t like it.

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Yeah, I actually love my A1 but looking to add another Bambu to the line up. Really wanting to whet my appetite for the x1c or p1s. Although, there should be an update x1 soon, no? I’m on the fence on which of the two to buy and also if I should wait a month or two.

You can return it to micro center directly for a refund and $80 credit. However, I chose the latter option when it becomes available.

Maybe, but honestly other than size IDK what they can change. Like they can add multiple heads but this will shoot the price up to some stupid amount.

Like the tech hasn’t really advance that much. So I’m pretty sure X1 users are safe.

As someone said earlier, I don’t have the technical expertise to perform the change of the heatbed, and I don’t really care how easy it seems in the YouTube video because the smallest mistake on my part could result in a hazard.

Luckily for me, it is not a life or death situation, so I’m definitely getting the refund and waiting for the revised A1 in May, + the voucher. All the shipping and return charges should be covered by the refund only. The voucher is thought of as compensation for the troubles, a detail not any other company I have seen do. Maybe it’s a bit naive but it is the first time I’ve seen a company notoriously take responsibility for such a mistake, the usual is to blame the user/shipping company for the handling and don’t do anything.

How about adding a quick swap nozzle and the flow sensor from the A1?
I bet something similar will be implemented in the next generation.

my wire does not present any negative signal, do you think that the part they give us to print can solve the problem?

Its actually surprising how many people in here (this post), that have never actually assembled a printer with all the plugin connections and are still more interested in scare mongering , my first printer has 4 or 5 for motors , bed and the printhead including a self levelling sensor


I did buy the printer as an ’out of the box’ appliance as advertised, but that went out of the window as soon as I realised the default grid infill cause the nozzle to knock parts off the bed!
I want to get on with changing the bed, but what happens if someone follows the instructions and ends up with yet more and different issues. Will they wash their hands of it?
Sending it back for a ‘refund’ is not really an option as a) you lose out on the initial delivery fee as well as the cost of additional things bought for the A1 and b) the ‘compensation’ is a voucher for a company I’d not buy from again so would leave me both out of pocket in terms of time and money.
This is why I bought it on credit card, as I had a feeling I might need a bank to enforce against Bambu Lab…

@Neiljt I learned a long time ago that if some one doesn’t feel comfortable doing something then they shouldn’t have to do it. Personally I for one have nothing against anyone that doesn’t want to perform the bed replacement.

And like it or not 3D printing is now less about building and tuning machines and becoming more and more about actually printing items, although there are plenty of machines out there to build if you want to.

And I’m also no going to condemn Bambu or the A1 either. Bambu was pretty quick to address the issue once it was brought to their attention. What was it something like a week and they issued the first advisory and a week or so later then they issued the full recall. How long was it for Firestone to issue recalls on faulty tires? Or Takata for airbags? Or any automaker for and issue ever on a vehicle? Yeah they messed up and maybe the supplier made the cables wrong. Happens a lot really. What makes a difference is what the company does when those mistakes are brought to their attention.

As for the A1, well it’s a bed slinger but as much as I dont like bed slingers it’s the only one that I’ve ever owned that printed straight out of the box, took less then an hour to assemble and delivered part quality exactly the same as my other Bambu printers. Did I have issues with the printer at first? Yes but there is always something and it was nothing that was catastrophic. And as upset as I was when they announced the A1 I understand why they did. It’s a good business move that should have brought in good revenue and secured the company’s financial future. Who knows what will happen now. Hopefully this cable and bed issue is just a speed bump on the road to a larger format core xy.

Show me a printer that doesnt have strip downs as a maintenance feature.

I’d argue that maintaining a printer, or ‘maintenance’ is something required after a substantial period of use (at which point the user would have a familiarity of the machine after a fair number of prints). If you have to take it apart on day 1 or day 2, it’s not ‘maintenance’ it’s ‘fixing a faulty product’. It’s not the same thing.
If you are happy and able to do the repairs then great, but to say you must be able to rebuild a printer before starting out printing the basic inbuilt pre-sliced models, that is 100% at odds with BambuLab’s offering.
I appreciate it can be difficult for hardened and experienced 3d printing heads to think back to when they were new to all of this many years ago, but this is a large target market of BambuLab.

Id argue 14 day return policy
id also argue warranty *
and one of two options open to a user and bambu lab