Stop using tape on carbon fibre

Can you stop taping the carbon fibre filament to the cardboard spools please?

It doesn’t function in the AMS correctly when it runs out. Not only does it jam the AMS, it prevents the AMS from automatically switching to another spool


I could see how this might be a slight issue :smiley:

I’m currently printing a model using PLA CF in the AMS, it’s getting to the end of the roll and I just noticed the tape. This would obviously cause a problem for those relying on the filament run-out feature, luckily I’m near my printer so I can monitor this but it would be very annoying on an overnight print.

Another vote for removing the tape!

It has been 6 month between first and last post here. How about a comment from Bambu Labs please ? And do agree that the use of tape is problematic.