Suggestion: AI-Powered Semantic Search for MakerWorld

Hi MakerWorld and fellow designers,

I know many apps are starting to incorporate AI-powered features and also I know the AI buzz is starting to wear on folks, but in other projects I work on, incorporating semantic search can be a really powerful feature for users. This functionality would set MW apart from other model repositories, for sure.

The goal is to help users find the right models for them, even when they don’t know what keywords to search for or where to get started. This feature can help them find the exact model they need, as well as play around and explore models they might not normally find through the typical keyword search.

Here are some natural language question examples:

  • “What are some models to teach kids about engineering principles?”
  • “I want to find a castle model that has detailed outside and inside.”
  • “I have a small drawer in my kitchen where I would like to stack organizers but it seems to be a unique size.”
  • “Show me a phone stands for my office with an industrial look.”
  • “I would like to use the clock parts from Maker Supply that has faces that are easy to swap based on the seasons.”
  • “I want to print off a unique game I can bring to my family reunion that’s easy to play.”
  • “Show me plant pots that will match my mid-century furniture.”

These are still generic, but the user doesn’t have to know specific keywords and filters to use. If someone searches for something like “unique sizes” then it can surface OpenSCAD customizers.

I would recommend launching this feature as a beta alongside the current search to gather user feedback.

What does everyone else think, do you think users would get value from AI search?