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Was passiert denn jetzt genau? Wenn ich ein Profil erstelle, bis ins Detail verfeinert, damit die Druckzeit annehmbar ist, das Druckergebnis brauchbar ist und Modifikatoren für Details enthalten sind, welche dann auch ihre speziellen Einstellungen haben? Wird das Profil dann überschrieben oder ein neues anderes Profil hinzugefügt, das automatisch generiert wurde?

Vielen Dank für die Klärung!

What exactly happens now? If I create a profile, refined in detail so that the print time is acceptable, the print result is usable and modifiers for details are included, which then also have their special settings? Is the profile then overwritten or a new different profile added that was automatically generated?

Thanks for the clarification!

If you create a profile when uploading the model, it will be added to the model listing and available for others to use.

Other profiles could be uploaded, which might contain different print settings and values. This will be presented as an option, and will not replace the one uploaded by the designer.

Finally, users who print the model with a specific profile are able to provide a rating for it, which will make it easier for others to choose the best profile.

SIMPLY STOP THAT! It can not be that your “Colleague” adds profiles to Models where we did not add one or added one that was OUR Profile! We want the possibility to remove models that do not fit our way we see it fit.

If there is no Printprofile so be it!

But do not force us to do that! Or do it by your colleage-bot!
Leave the models alone! Thnx!


I am sorry but that is not possible.

If you wish, you can add a print profile for your model. Otherwise, other MakerWorld users can upload one if they wish.

This is a feature which is useful for a lot of people, as it allows them to start a print easily.

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I object.
STOP adding unwanted profiles to OUR uploads.


And remove everything the colleage-bot added!


As I have mentioned, that is not possible. It’s part of the website functionality.
There is no way to block the upload of a print profile for a model.

I am sorry if this is not what you wish to see, but the option is to either upload a profile or allow others to make it easier to start a print.

Then please start to develop it.

It can not be that anyone can add an Profile that is so crappy and bad and i can not remove it!

This is not ok in my eyes.

If you knew, that you can not remove a unwanted profile, why did you do that to thousands of them than?

I think you have to think of an solution here.

“To make it easier to print” Sorry, but it is not your task to do that.
We creator and the Community will add profiles if needed. Thats the way of the community. WE do it. Not a company for us. If a profile gets no printprofile so noone thinks it needs one.

All print profiles are carefully set by our colleagues with experience in slicing models.
If there is a concern with one of the print profiles not being correctly sliced or not printing right, I would be happy to look into it and solve the problem.

But as I have mentioned, we are just trying to help in populating the models with print profiles to make it easier for everyone.

Everyone is free to add print profiles. We encourage designers to take the lead and upload the print profile at the same time with the model as that would be the easiest way to allow others to print the model in just a few taps.

And if we find print profiles with incorrect settings, we can remove them. But that’s not the case for the examples I have received.

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Do you print out all the models? Try the uploaded profile for each? Correct shortcomings?

Given the speed of uploads, it is virtually impossible to do that. Sure, you might have similar prints, where you can guess from experience, but even then I would agree with @Lucyna_Kushinada . I do not see the added value to auto generated profiles.

If it is really necessary, highlight it. Make sure people understand, that these are done automatically, without testing, etc. But having them looking the same way as an actually tuned profile is not giving you any advantage.


To us it is an unwanted intrusion.

If you plan things like that, ask the creator and Makerworld and especially the Uploader-Community first!

Please remove any added printprofile from the uploads.

And stop the try to “populate”. i know why you do this. to have as many models printable by the App! from an economical point of you this might be a good idea. But for us it is not. The possibility to add printable profiles for the app is an add on in the communities control. You can encourage us to add profiles. But dont make the error to enforce them on the community.

At the very least, there should be a clear distinction between tested and untested profiles.
And also a clear distinction between “uploaded by original designer” or “uploaded by somebody else from the community” and “uploaded by Bambulab”

Looking at the speed these profiles are uploaded I don’t believe there has even been a visual layer-by-layer check in the slicer…
(makes me stay away from MakerWorld for some time before diving into it…)


WHAT you can do: Add an checkbox for adding an printprofil as OPT IN!

AND MAKE PRINTPROFILES of non-Uploader DELETABLE! by the Uploader!

That way it is my duty to get it added automaticly. I dont want to get an undeletable addition to my uploads!

Till today i was VERY happy with Makerworld… Today this starts to change. Sorry


We appreciate the feedback, but I want to assure everyone that we do our best to provide attractive features and to make the platform as useful as possible.

With that said, everyone will be able to upload print profiles. Everyone can rate the profiles and the print quality, which will make it easier for everyone to choose the best one.

Our team is experienced in slicing models, and we do our best to ensure the quality is as expected.
But if there is any model that is not printed right with any uploaded print profile, please rate it accordingly and we will look into this.

You dont WANT to understand, do you?

No add of your colleages! Thank you!
You can be experienced as hell!

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You do not want to understand.

As long as you dont listen to us, you may experience a sh*tstorm.

I appreciate your feedback and your opinion on this.
We will consider your feedback for future updates.

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I hope you revert the damage as soon as possible or make profiles removable that have been added unwanted.


I agree that they shouldn’t have auto-generated print profiles added to items. I also agree with Bambu in that every model NEEDS a print profile. IMO, they should simply make it a requirement to have a print profile in order to upload the model. The entire purpose of makerworld is to create a repository of “one click” models that can be printed from the app and, in order to do that, a profile needs to be attached to the model.


Please allow the creator of the model to delete print profiles. The others have raised good points regarding untested print profiles and if a creator already uploaded their own profile that has printed successfully, then they should be allowed to delete profiles that have not been tested or printed.

People uploading additional profiles to a model they did not create should also be required to attach a photo of the print they made using that profile - as proof that their print profile is actually a good one.


Don’t seen an issue with Bambu adding print profiles to all the missing models themselves, however if they’re automatically generated, I think that

  1. They should be flagged to the creator to approve/reject it (rather than forcing them and giving the option to delete it)
  2. Have some indicated that they’ve been automatically generated by Bambu, and haven’t been verified by the creator