Things Josh is Desinging/Printing (Formally Mega Swatches)

I just wanted to show off my swatches because I am pleased with how they look. I really liked the simplicity of the Bambu swatches, but found them to be a little small and limited in selection, so I made a double sized one! I originally had it as a 2 color print, with the text being printed in, but that posed some problems. These though, simple, easy, quick. I have a little label maker I use with it.

Everyone has their own way of doing swatches, it seems. I’ve looked around at other people’s models. It’s funny, as it’s certainly one of those items that people like to personalize, have their own version of. Guess I’m no different.

My nephew calls them Mega swatches since they are so big compared to the originals, haha.


Those look great! Which label maker do you use?

Not sure yet what I’m gonna do for a case, but I want to make a case that gives off the vibes that old swatch/color catalogs do. I’m thinking PETG-CF Titan Gray, Black, and PETG Gold, for the colors. Although using Transparent PETG for the main tray could be cool. Is it too early to think colors? Nah, they’re always important, haha.

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The D30 from Phomemo. Been liking this thing more, the more I use it. I was using it to label project boxes (reused spool boxes), and then labeling my air-tight storage containers.

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Seems very similar to the NIMBOT I have. Great little printer and you can’t beat the price!

I was originally gonna get a Nimbot! Not sure why I went with the one I did. A sale probably, haha.

Do you do swatches for your filaments?

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I made a case to go along with them :smiley: Well, this is the prototype at any rate. Printing finalish now.

Haha, was gonna release it as a set, but now I’m thinking this might be a good general use case.

Just kind of had all these swatches cluttering my desk and the components from the makersupply stuff. I used the self tapping screws and brass pins for the hinge pins. Both are perfect. I’m gonna end up using those self tapping screws more I think. I found M3 self tapping screws too, so can go that route for looks where need be.


Nice swatches @Josh-3D !

Not to derail the thread, but…
I looked at the label printer briefly. For the price it seems like a good deal. My only hang up is I’d want something for printing cable labels as well.
I see they have flag type cable labels, but I am partial to wrap type cables labels.
Without jumping down the rabbit hole, do they offer a decent wrap type cable label?

I haven’t seen any in the wrap type style. That would be cool though. I had to check with their bigger printers, because I don’t see why they couldn’t. No luck though.


I’m making a longer case too. This is like the A1 Mini version. Going to use Bambu’s PLA Galaxy Nebula for the bigger one!

One of my favorite parts of 3d printing is the colors! Or well, shades of black and gray too, as it sometimes is.


I love the storing case. It looks really great :green_heart: will you do a version for regular size swatches?

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I really like how you did this one.
It came out very professional looking.

I’ve been thinking about it a little bit. A mini version. Would need to rework the construction a little though to be as small. Hmm, maybe that was a .2mm contest type project, haha.

Thanks! I really like this case I came up with in particular. I’m gonna repurpose it as a card storage case too. This whole set has been giving me memories of pogs, and I’ve been toying with the idea of slamming out a set of those, 3d printed of course.

In theory I have a bunch of stuff to finish still, but I’m already hysterically modeling something else, this time a toy from my youth.

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I know this feeling as well ^^ I will ask to MW to schedule another 0.2 nozzle contest then :wink:

It’s getting there! I got the hook figured out, and made a little sphere one can 3d print to go along with it, like with the original toy.

I’m totally gonna do a regular swatch sized case. I’ve been thinking about it a bit, and have a plan. Just need to find some time (some non-scatter brained time) to sit and fuss with it.

Been chewing my way through a build of this too 3D file RC crawler crane - CT130 - 1:14 🏗️ ・3D printer model to download・Cults

I’ve got the boom and part of the base printed so far. Printing it in Bambu’s PETG-CF, black for the boom/base, and red for the body. This thing is awesome! I’ve already extended the boom another section, and will do a 4th, I think. So it’ll scrape the ceiling, haha. This thing is so cool. It has got me thinking a lot about doing something of my own, as I’m a big fan of the Manitowoc 4100w.

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Wow this thing is…

I’m curious to see it fully assembled ^^


Ahahahaha. It is yyyyyyuuuuuuuuuugeeee. Bigger than I expected. I’m slowly working my way through the main body, but have more screws to order.

Anyway though, @Henlor! I did a version of the case sized for the normal bambu swatches! Trying to make it so it fits on the A1 Mini. Trying little notches on the lid this time, so people don’t have to yell at me about magnets. Hope this goes well. I’m doing test prints of it today.


…but magnets have such a satisfying click!

It looks great. It’s really nice in this wider format. I don’t know why it reminds me late 60’s American muscle cars and I love it :slight_smile:

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Haha, Henlor, you got me thinking about the styling of muscle cars the past few. I need some of that arrest me red shade of red, for these prints.

At any rate, progress! It doesn’t have that satisfying click of a magnet, but it’s still pretty satisfying, haha. The friction fit works pretty well. The case is stackable too! I’m going to print one up each in the main colors, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue, and base my photos around that.

My string racer is done too! This thing is awesome! Well, as awesome as a toy can be where all you can really do is make it go back and forth on a piece of string. Haha.

I’ve got some fun ideas on the horizon. I ordered one of the lamp kits from Bambu. With the maker supply kit sample kits they sent us too, I’ve been plotting a project with the motor. :thinking: