Tuning overhangs

Yes , all settings the same there was minor layer width difference , but i did one more print on the Orca making sure that the wall width is the same and both are on Arachne . And still the same result orca gave me slightly off on the 65deg and 75 very obvious, With Prusa slicer perfect output . I going through , but it will take me a bit

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I have a question?

Why does Bambu Studio print a circular overhang wall in a cylindrical model in mid-air which makes it look all droopy and ugly.

Is there a way to fix that within the slicer?

Normally its because the model has erroneous unclosed design flaws and/or you didn’t enable supports for it because you didn’t know it was there

It still doesn’t explain why it’s sliced like it should have been in Prusa Slicer. Is Bambu Studio stubborn here😅

Without seeing the model and its files I can’t figure where you screwed up at, so the retort is kinda mute, and trying to be cute isn’t really a thing if you want help, but will help get you blocked

@JackTheBlack24 , since this doesn’t really have anything to do with this threadf, would you mind starting your own thread?

WRT the specifics of your question, without posting pictures of what you’re talking about it’s really difficult to help…

“An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”

Is the response I got when I tried to attach an image.

That’s a malunion and non-manifolded edge, a design flaw…while I see what is happening the fact you’ve chosen such an aggressive layer height for what ever reason also means you can mess with the settings and fix it, and also repair the STL and re-save it fixed

maybe it will help someone:

in orca slicer you can start the fan earlier. in printer profile you can change to 2 oder 3 seconds that you have the fan timing under control.

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im also struggling alot with overhangs, but im only using pla…

did about 20 tests and only was able to get minimal better results… at 65 it always starts to look ugly…

i also noticed even if u use support on the overhangs it looks bad…
tried a ton of stuff… support layer height connction… support with petg etc…
nothing really helpd…

kind of gave up LOL

here is a model i printed on normal settings…
it looks shitty… u can try out if u can get it better…

would interesst me to see if its possible with better overhangs…

----i know there are no support on the colar but thats not the point :smiley:

@3dsurfr Im also printing ASA and it looks like my overhangs are bunk. I’ve got no adhesion issues using the Bambu hot plates, but feel like you guys were nailing my issues before this thread got a little off track.

So I’m slowing my overhangs, and adding some cooling. I’m using polylite asa mostly. I’m doing 260 mostly on the nozzle, and going standard speeds. I did slow for overhangs and now that I see the calibration piece, I’ll get moving on that print.

Could you share some successful settings you’ve gotten with Bambu Studio?

Thank you!!