Unfair Free 6 months Membership with no stock filaments!

as you see in my ticket I try to be assertive but there is no second part to talk about. customer service is non existent…
in italy there is a governative organism (I think also in other countries) that is called agcom. I made a ticket with them… and I wait reply.

There’s “Assertive” and then there’s “Entitled”, from what I see you have chose to leave off the juicy bits where you’ve been “assertive”.

I wish you well in beating down this terrible injustice :slight_smile:

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let me get this right. someone who waited till the printers where on sale and purchased it at the same time as thousands of others did is now complaining that bambu ran out of filament in the online store? life is not fair. buy what they have in stock or don’t. or buy the cheap stuff on amazon.

Their labelling you as someone who complains a lot and threatens businesses with reporting them to higher entities if your not happy with their service. Type “karen” into youtube and you’ll see what their on about.

I label them as zero support company. returned printer and bye bye bambulab.


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They replaced the Free 6 months Membership with Builk Sale discount. No need to complain anymore. Now wish the filament is available and not out of stock the whole time. It doesn’t matter if you bought a printer or not to get the Bulk Sale prices.