What build plate is included in X1C?

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I am still putting together what I need for the X1C before ordering. I cant seem to find out what build plate is shipped with the machine? Any help?

Also I see mention of the engineering plate in many videos and even on BL website but I cant find it in the store. Is it discontinued or did it change names to High Temp Plate?

I plan to manly print High temp stuff like PC, PETCF and PACF. I am sure to also print some ABS,ASA, PETG and PLA but that will be less often and I can print all of these on my Ender 5 Plus when the X1 is running other items.

I have also watched many videos regarding plates but none seem to show any Polycarbonate being run. So based on my needs above, what if any extra build plates should I add to my order? Also open to buying alternative plates from other vendors.

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I would add the Textured PEI plate, since this this pretty well magic for PLA, and handles most PETG. The engineering plate is going to work for the higher temp stuff, and perhaps some of the more recalcitrant PETG works.

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You might want to look at the recommendations in the wiki: Filament & plate compatibility and parameter settings | Bambu Lab Wiki

@MARCWWEBSTER The engineering plate is the reverse side of the cool plate - see store, accessories, plates. Bambu Cool Plate | Bambu Lab EU (cool plate is just a sticker on one side of the engineering plate)

and the store also shows

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I am looking to upgrade to an X1C from an Ender 3 and I want to understand the X1C plate options. There is a lot of confusing terminology on the wiki and X1C spec web pages, plus lots of misinformation on other parts of these forums.

Tech Specs page
Quick Start Guide
Manual - Engineering Plate printing
Forum discussion on filament compatibility
Forum discussion - Plates

Is the following correct?

  • The printer has a Bed, where you attach plates
  • The Engineering Plate (aka “Flexible Steel Plate” or “Bambu Flex Plate”) is double sided and attaches to the bed magnetically
  • The Engineering Plate can be used with no additional Plates (like Cool or High Temperature)
  • The Cool Plate is an Engineering Plate with the Cool Plate Sheet attached
  • The High Temperature Plate is an Engineering Plate with the High Temperature Plate Sheet attached
  • Both the Cool and High-Temperature Plates have consumable sheets that wear out

Yes, you got them correct.

The bed of the printer is magnetic and you place different kind of flexible steel plates onto it as printing surface. Each plate is for different materials or offers ease of use functions like requiring no glue for adhesion.

To your questions yes, all of that is true. The printer though comes with a Cool plate, so already has a Cool plate sticker attached.
Beside the plates mentioned, there is also the textured PEI plate which is directly coated on both sides the same and has no removable stickers.

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Thanks for the reply.

I just watched an unboxing that shows the magnetic build plate with a Cool Sheet (“Bambu Cool Plate”) on one side and Engineering Plate on the other.

I think initially I will start with printing PLA/PETG with the Cool/Engineering Plate (depending on material) or the (accessory) Bambu Dual-Sided Textured PEI Plate. Get proficient with those, then figure out what I want to use for higher temp materials.

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If you start with the included cool/engineering plate plus dual-sided textured pei plate, that should cover most all of your use cases. I mostly use the pei plate so I don’t have to deal with glue (and a mirror smooth surface isn’t mandatory).


I usually only use the high temp plate or textured PEI plate, depending if I want a smooth or textured bottom surface.



I did not understand the principle of plates and adhesive plates. The X1-C comes with one cool plate side and another engineering plate side, but is the cool plate just glued ? Another question, to print ABS do I just have to flip the plate on the engineering side and heat it to 90° without risking damaging the cool side?
Thanks for your help.

I too was confused that one plate is actually two when you simply flip them :wink:
For me it turned out that some PLA filaments print better on the cool plate without glue cleaning the plate before every print with Ethanol.
This may vary for different filament brands…

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According to the product page, the X1C comes with either Cool/Engineering or Texture Plate, trying to work out which will be in the box so I can order the one that isn’t, looks like I’ll have to order the printer first to find out, then order the alternate plate after. Yet the P1S comes with the more expensive and preferred Texture plate. You’d think for a flagship model they’re include both as part of the package :thinking: