What causes this first layer issue?

X1C. Bambu black basic pla. K value .21. Standard speed. Standard .20 settings. Nozzle .4. Temp 220. Bed 55. Hunidity 14%. Door closed. Fans off for first layer. They r long runs.

The rippling is either slight overextrusion or bed adhesion issues. I’d go with adhesion as a first shot. Wash plate, use glue stick, hotter bed, lower 1st layer speed. Maybe bump up the first layer thickness a teensy bit.


Clean the rods with IPA :wink:

Hi All, I’m new proud owner of a X1 Carbon with AMS and I’m confused about the first layer I got yesterday.

I’ve cleaned the bed, reset the printer to factory settings, performed a auto calibration and result was better but not perfect, there is still some bumps in the first layer.

Could you advise what else I should do ?

So ill tell u what i did may or may not wrk for u. I put on the engineering plate and retrammrd as per bambu instructions. Then i switched to the plate i was gonna b using. I then proceeded to print a first layer over the whole bed and while it printed i adjusted the bed knobs. When i was satisified (but not yet perfecrlt but close). I then did a bed level w that plate. Now the whole first layer whole plate is prefect. Fyi it took about 10-15 first kayer prints to get it close.